The Weekender #160

Apr 6

I’ll be honest, there’s not much to write about the weekends when you’re in quarantine! The Weekender posts started as a way to share sneak peeks on Mondays after I shot weddings on Saturdays. Now, I’m not really shooting weddings these days (I should PROBABLY write about that next . . . ), and our weekends consist of STAYING HOME.

But I feel like people might need a little inspiration for things to do to keep their spirits up during this time. I also feel like people (who are like me, at least!) need to hear that everyone else is a bit bored at home as well. No one is alone in this! We’re all just trying to entertain ourselves the best way we know how! So, here’s how Robert, Rory, and I kept busy this weekend, the podcasts for long walks, etc.

  • I have become obsessed with Flying the Nest on YouTube! Steve & Jess are an Australian couple who travel the world and make great videos while they do it. They’re so fun to watch and, of course, listen to. It’s like I’ve made new friends in quarantine! haha

    best youtube travel influencers
  • I’ve been telling Robert, “Guess where they are NOW?!” So he can blame them when we go to Turkey on our next trip! He’s also been asking what I want for my birthday on Saturday, and my answer is, “I want to be in Paris for my next birthday.” haha
  • And speaking of birthdays, I’m very grateful for online shopping. Abercrombie & Fitch has a great sale going on (50% off the entire site!), so I got some Spring essentials. I feel like dressing up on my birthday will make me feel a LITTLE better!
  • A travel influencer that I follow on the ‘gram has a great perspective on celebrating birthdays in quarantine. She shared some great tips for planning a really special at home birthday party that I’ll definitely be using this Saturday!
  • Truly, I don’t think we would be surviving quarantine as well without Rory. He gets outside and walking, he makes us laugh, and he keeps us busy with baths. Friday evening, we were letting him run free at the house and he found a very big muddy hole. He’s now very clean, but I’m not sure how long that will last!
  • If you’re doing a lot of walks these days, these are some of the best podcasts that I listen to while Rory and I walk:
    • Crime Junkie, obviously!
    • My Favorite Murder (I usually skip through the first 10 – 20 minutes of banter, but sometimes it’s really entertaining)
    • Supernatural (Ashley from Crime Junkie narrates this as well, and it’s really good! They just did one on the Dyatlov Pass, which is SO interesting)
    • Women Who Travel (LOVE this one, partially because I could listen to Lale’s accent all day, every day)
  • Those are the best podcasts for entertainment, but I do have some business podcasts that I love. Jenna Kutcher on the Goal Digger podcast is sharing a lot of tips to survive quarantine, and Cara on the Style Your Mind podcast has great tips for self care.
  • I’ve finally decided to put more effort into cooking new, creative meals with the odd things I AM able to buy at the store! Saturday night was pre-seasoned pork carnitas from the crockpot, and they were really good. Never have I ever bought pre-seasoned pork before, but beggars can’t be choosers!
  • House Update: If you watch my Instastories, you’ve PROBABLY seen us working on us for the past year or so. We are getting close-ish! We’ve got some hardwoods to finish, some appliances to order, and some final coats of paint to do, among other things, but it finally feels CLOSE!
  • I’m mostly excited because I cannot wait to have a YARD! And our own driveway! Oh, and a dining room table, or at least a room for one because we do not own one. I have not used a dining room table in . . . years. Unless we’re at our parents’ house, we eat on the couch. And I’ve been doing that since . . . college?! It’s time to get grown up and eat at a table! haha

So there you have it, some tips for surviving weekend quarantines. Go on some walks, cook nice meals, read a book, watch some fun YouTube and Netflix, adopt a dog . . . just kidding. Don’t adopt a dog unless you’re REALLY ready! 😉

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