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Apr 8

Despite the massive wrench that COVID-19 has thrown into MANY plans, it does give us more time to get things done at home, right? It seems appropriate to work on this now because my Savannah bachelorette party was a bit more intense because of a different kind of wrench: Hurricane Dorian.

We planned to leave for Savannah, Georgia on Thursday, September 5th. All of the news outlets were showing that Dorian would hit Savannah between Wednesday night and Friday morning. Excellent timing, am I right?!

Luckily, our Savannah AirBnB host, Kelly, was AMAZING. She kept me updated all the time and offered to let us reschedule with no penalty. Because of all the other things my friends had booked and the time they took off from work and because of our wedding schedule at the Mill, we wanted to make our weekend away work!

We were all on the phone early Thursday morning trying to decide if we should leave or not. The weather reports no longer looked dangerous, so we decided to GO FOR IT! I was definitely scared, but we felt confident in our plan to take the route farthest from the coast so we wouldn’t hit bad weather.

The biggest bummer of the whole hurricane weekend was that my best friend couldn’t come. She works for Dominion, so you know, everyone on the Outer Banks without power needed her more than I did! We missed her a ton because we were meant to celebrate her 30th BIRTHDAY on Saturday, too! I had a Dirty Thirty cake topper ready and everything. ๐Ÿ™

Why Savannah?

My friends helped me come up with a few different places for my bachelorette party, but Savannah always stood out the most. You guys know I love architecture and getting to see new places. Plus, I’ve always been infatuated with the spooky vibes and Spanish moss of Savannah’s historic squares. I wanted a place that would offer plenty of fun, walkable sights to see during the day and some fun nightlife. Savannah fit the bill perfectly — it gave us a little bit of everything!

Exploring the squares of Savannah, Georgia

Arrival Day — Thursday

When we finally got to Savannah, we really thought we may have made a big mistake. Nothing was open! We drove to the Kroger closest to our AirBnB — closed. The Dollar store next to it? Closed. Savannah was a beautiful ghost town! Finally, we found an open Target nearby. PRAISE the Lord because after the drive, I needed some White Claw!

Hillary, Tim, and Michelle had already decorated our AirBnB when we got there, which was so sweet! I can’t say enough about our AirBnB. It was spacious and chic, and there’s even a “secret” little Harry Potter room upstairs! AND there were Wes Anderson prints in the bedrooms. With a full kitchen and 2.5 baths, was the perfect size for seven of us!

airbnb for a savannah bachelorette party
Our Savannah AirBnB!


On Friday, we started the day with a great brunch at a spot Hillary picked, B. Matthew’s Eatery. I would imagine it’s a happening spot when there’s no hurricane in town, but we had the place to ourselves!

savannah bachelorette party brunch spots

From there, we wanted to do a little shopping and exploring the squares. Forsyth Park is the most famous, but basically every block has a little square full of history and my favorite, Spanish moss. You can learn all about the history of the squares here.

The famous Forsyth Park fountain

Oh, and if you’re curious, Chippewa Square is the one where they filmed Forrest Gump. The actual bench is in a museum, but you can take photos at a different bench in the park!

The gorgeous mansion you’ll see near Forsyth Park is the Armstrong House. It has housed one of Georgia’s most prestigious law firms since 1970.

The Armstrong House near Forsyth Park

The Paris Market is a must stop, in my opinion!

shopping for savannah bachelorette party
The Paris Market

Note: We did learn on bike tour that you should not touch Spanish moss because there are chiggers in it! We all felt a little tingly after learning that!

Savannah Bachelorette party activities

After a little break for naps and food at the house, we got ready for our pedal bike tour! This is what I was most excited about — I love spooky stories, and the Spanish moss and wild history of Savannah is PERFECT for spooky! Lea even got me a black veil perfect for my spooky bride vibes!

savannah bachelorette party custom shirt ideas

We had a blast with our guide, Cody. He told us some wild stories about bodies in walls and things like that. Of course, we got to take our own drinks, but we also used our wristbands to get special drinks at each pub we stopped in. It’s well worth it for a fun way to see the town at night, have a good laugh, and hear some great stories.

After our bike tour, we went to Savannah Smiles for some dueling pianos. I would say that this is a must for at least a few hours for every Savannah Bachelorette party! We had a blast and even got some much needed snack food for a pretty decent price.


After a slow morning, some of us went to the Top Deck Bar for views of the river, drinks, and snacks. They have such nice views up there with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

It’s here that we got to see one of the bartenders apply to adopt the foster dog that a girl had brought to the rooftop. We were all obviously obsessed with that story and the dog, who kept visiting us and our little table.

If the bartender didn’t adopt him . . . we would have!

That evening, we had our Savannah Riverboat Cruise at sunset. This is something the girls and Tim surprised me with — I did not expect it! The boat is SO pretty, and because of the hurricane, it was SO empty! Usually there is a huge dinner buffet that you can pay for, but there was no one down there. We saw people on the top deck and nowhere else!

Savannah bachelorette party on a riverboat cruise

The Riverboat was really relaxing to me because the weather was so nice, the drinks were icy, and the sunset was gorgeous! There was even a DJ and a dance floor. I’m sure it gets quite a bit more interesting when it’s at full capacity!

After the boat dropped us off, we went to Rocks on the Roof, which is the rooftop bar of the Bohemian Hotel. It has nice views of the river, and the whole hotel is definitely a unique vibe!

Other Things To Do

If I were to plan someone else’s Savannah Bachelorette party, there are a few things I would suggest adding if you have the time or budget.

First, a visit to the First African Baptist Church. While this isn’t a typical bachelorette party activity, I think our whole group was really interested when Cody told us about it on our bike tour. This church is older than the country (original members began it in 1773), and it houses part of the Underground Railroad. There are holes in the floor where slaves on the run could get air and members of congregation would slip food, according to Cody. If you have a group interested in history, it would be a very interesting tour.

Secondly, a full on night time ghost tour. There are some suggestions here!

This time, I don’t have a ton of restaurants to share because we saved money by cooking big meals at home! While I’m sure Savannah has a lot of great spots, eating at home is an excellent way to save a little money on a bachelorette weekend!

Departure Day — Sunday

After a pretty late bedtime, of course, we were not looking forward to the 8 hour drive home! Honestly, it felt even longer than the 10 hour drive home Nashville. This MIGHT have been because as soon as we pulled away from the house, the check engine light came on in my car. It has NEVER come on. I had no idea what to do, but I worried about it all the way home.

I also had a gnarly cold for an entire week after we got back, and it hit me about halfway through the drive. That’s why I say if you can fly, do it! haha

Tip: We are planning another Savannah bachelorette party for Hillary’s turn in late September, and flights are CRAZY cheap right now. If you’re feeling brave and confident that COVID-19 will subside by the Fall, I would book some tickets now! I’ve been tracking prices on Hopper and Google Flights.

So, I would give Savannah a 12/10 for a Bachelorette party location! I don’t think we got a taste of how crowded some places can be because of the hurricane, but I enjoyed every minute of having the city to ourselves! There’s a little something for every type of Savannah bachelorette party, whether you’re looking for plenty of bars and nightlife, history and sightseeing, or dining and shopping.

The Six Pence Pub

Finally, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my “bride tribe” that made this trip so special. To Chelsea and Liz, who couldn’t come but still helped with planning and getting custom shirts printed for us. To Hillary, Michelle, Tim, and Shea for making everything SO much fun and planning all the special little details. And of course, to Lea and Kat, my road trip buddies and the maker of my custom veils! You guys are the best bride tribe a girl could ask for. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Details

Length — Thursday to Sunday. I drove three of us from Orange to Savannah, and it was definitely doable on the way there, but the way home was pretty tough! If I go ahead, I would fly if there was a good deal!

Our Savannah AirBnB — We LOVED our AirBnB! It was perfect for 7 of us, and perfectly located close to all the fun things to do within a walk or short Uber ride.

Savannah Slow Ride — We had the best time on our spooky pedal bike tour of Savannah with a few pub stops in between. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Savannah Riverboat Cruises — I couldn’t believe that we were getting on such a gorgeous riverboat! The drinks were delicious, and our sunset cruise gave us lovely views of city.

Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos — We had too much fun here, especially being a bachelorette group. I believe our admission on the night of our Savannah Slow Ride tour was free with our wristband.

Cute Details for a Savannah Bachelorette Party

Looking for some ways to make a bride feel special? Here are some cute little accessory ideas!

Bride fanny pack (or as non-Americans say, bum bags!)

Bride crazy straw

Custom shirts for the crew

Bride sunglasses

Light up “engagement” rings

Hangover Survival kit (make your own with Advil, gatorade, band-aids, snacks, etc.)

Bride sash

Reusable bride tumbler

Fun temporary tattoos

The ideas are endless! You can have a lot of fun searching Amazon, Etsy, and party stores!

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