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Nov 12

Return of the Newlyweds

Days Married: 16

The newlyweds have returned! After one very long travel day (we left our resort at noon and got back to Orange at 3:00am), we are back from the honeymoon and boy do we miss having all of our meals cooked for us! haha I have to say, that was probably the biggest perk of our Sandals resort life — we didn’t have to cook a THING! :p

Now that we’re back, I’m adjusting to #WifeLife while ALSO getting back into the swing of planning weddings for other people. That might be helping with my post-wedding blues. I may be done with MY wedding planning journey, but I’m never done with weddings!

It’s hard to put all of my thoughts into the usual bullet points because there’s just been so much happening in the past 2 weeks. But I’ll do my best to be less fragmented on here than I feel in my head!

  • I’m a wife now. That’s so crazy. It wasn’t until we got to the resort that I got to say something like, “I’m waiting for my husband” to a stranger. It IS a little bit thrilling every time. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • How can I sum up our wedding in a bullet point?! It was everything I had hoped for. I think everything was as beautiful and unique as I was trying so hard to make it! It went by in a blur, just like everyone said! There were definitely things that went awry behind the scenes, but it never bothered me. I was finally a bride and finally married to Robert, so it was perfect!
  • Most importantly, our first look was as incredible and memorable as I’ve always heard it is. Robert cried like a baby. Couldn’t. Be. More. Perfect.
  • Also, a note on our pastor. We found out 9 days before our wedding that our original pastor couldn’t perform our ceremony. Apparently, our church deemed that his travel itinerary matching theirs was more important than our covenant before God, but that’s another feeling I might share more about later. Anyway, we got a back up pastor who we would meet on our rehearsal day. That was exactly what I DIDN’T want, which is why we had been meeting with our original pastor for several, several months. We weren’t super happy, but you know, God’s plan. Of course, Pastor Noah was AMAZING. We got SO many compliments about him and our service (which was written by our original pastor). Noah, we couldn’t love you more! Thank you for jumping in so seamlessly! I’m sure you practiced saying “Shalese” and “Higginbotham” more than a few times! haha And Ben, thank you for trying your best to be there and for writing the best ceremony anyway!
  • Everyone wants to know how the honeymoon was, and that’s so hard to answer! I could write a whole other blog post about how we felt about a tropical vacation versus our usual European adventures. I could write even more about resort travel versus my usual litany of research into the cheapest but still coolest and safest hotel and AirBnB options. And then I could tell you a LOT about how I feel about taking a luxury vacation in a third world country. But how much of that do you really want to know??
  • One thing that I think is irreplaceable about resort travel is the social aspect. We got to meet SO many people from all over the U.S. and U.K. We bonded with the coolest couple on our ride from the airport to the resort. Both of us were so sad when they went home! The atmosphere makes it so easy to chat with people, even if you’re pretty introverted like me.
  • Resort travel also makes it very easy to relax. You don’t have to make many decisions, and nothing you need is far from reach. There’s WiFi everywhere, but I never took my phone out of our room. They have activities and entertainment that you can take advantage of or not, so it’s really a choose your own adventure ride.
  • I had a small victory on this trip, and that was how much more relaxed I felt about flying. Even when we had some bad weather and bumpy air, I didn’t stress. Practice helps! I also finally remembered to take an empty water bottle to refill after I got through security. WIN for the environment and my wallet! haha
  • One of the final things for now: the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I thought Robert was crazy for buying this, but I’m SO glad he did!! The camera really is incredible. I brought my Fuji on the honeymoon, but I used his phone WAY more. The colors and clarity are incredible. Well worth it if you’re passionate about photos! I may have to get one myself before our trip to Ireland. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is officially the longest Weekender (Tuesday Edition) ever, so that’s probably enough for now, yes? I definitely want to do another post just thanking all of our vendors and ANOTHER post to share a ton of photos, but until then, here are some honeymoon moments. ๐Ÿ™‚

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