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Apr 9

April (and the last few days of March!) has already been the most joy-filled, fun, emotional blur of a month. The truth is, even though this is supposed to be the happiest time in my life — I’m engaged, we’re planning our wedding, my family is growing, etc. — I was in a valley.

Maybe it was a winter thing. Maybe it’s just how life goes with peaks and valleys, high and lows. Or maybe it’s just a confusing season because my life has changed a LOT in the past few years. Whatever the reason, the valley I’ve been in has made this peak that much sweeter. I’ve sat and thought to myself, “I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky.” And that, my friends is what matters. The valleys suck, but they don’t last.

So, here’s some news from the peak AND some recommendations for some seriously fun Nashville bachelorette activities!

  • Robert and I FINALLY had our engagement session with Heather!! I think it was obvious from all of my stressing about outfits that I was nervous about these photos! Honestly, I usually do not enjoy photos of myself. So when I got ALL OF OUR PHOTOS in THREE DAYS, I was blown away. I love every single one.
  • Since I planned to make an album of our engagement photos, I went through and made a favorites list. I chose 111 favorites.
  • Thanks to an Artifact Uprising coupon code (april10 for 10% off, hey oh!), I ordered our album today!! The mailbox stalking is going to be very real.
  • Since so many people asked about my skirt on Instagram, I’ll tell you that it was a set from Belk! I did not love the dress I had bought, so when we went shopping for Robert’s new shirt on Tuesday, I had my eye out. As soon as I saw those florals, I knew I had to have it! Best last minute decision ever!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Sparkle for my makeup!! I chose to do professional makeup because 1) I wanted to feel like a BABE and 2) I wanted lashes, and I am incapable.
  • Last Saturday, I got to do my first day-of coordination for Amanda & Roman! I loved it — I got to do their centerpiece arrangements (very simple, very cool) and keep all of the logistics on track. There are photos from Nancy Topham on our Facebook page!!
  • Thursday, my BFF Chelsea and I road tripped to Nashville for Lea’s bachelorette weekend. The drive there was so easy, and it went so fast. The drive back after 3 days of honky tonks, whiskey, and staying up late, however, was less easy. It did not go fast. haha But it was very worth it to spend time with some of my favorite people.
  • If you’re headed to Nashville, check out our AirBnB. It was in such a nice spot so you could walk to things, and we had so much space for the 7 of us!! The only downside is that it’s a pretty open floor plan, so if you’re a light sleeper, snag the first floor bedroom!
  • I also recommend spending some time at Kid Rock’s and Luke Bryan’s. If Joe Barron is playing somewhere, you should see him!
  • We all LOVED our pedal bike ride! If you’ve been to Nashville, you’ve probably seen the “woo girls” riding up and down Broadway on these pedal bike bars. I always thought they seemed to be having the best time, so I insisted we do one. Our group was skeptical, but I THINK it was a highlight for everyone. 😉
  • We did our pedal bike with Ryan & Krissy at Sprocket Rocket!
  • Lastly, we did enjoy the brunch vibes at The Flipside. Two for $12 mimosas & other brunch cocktails is a solid deal, especially for Nashville. BUT . . . gotta say . . . wasn’t super impressed with my chicken & waffles. I wish I had gotten the eggs, bacon, and tater tots. I ate most of Shea’s tots, and it was my favorite part.
  • Important to note: I am a chicken & waffle connoisseur, so I am very picky. We couldn’t have beat the gorgeous open air dining spot on such a pretty day. Make a reservation!

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