Shalese & Robert Plan a Wedding: An Update

Mar 8

Remember that time I thought I would have all my wedding planning done by the end of 2018 and just be doing the fun stuff this year? HA. That did not go so well, but I guess I was close? I’ll explain how I got sidetracked later, but first, here’s what we’ve done since the end of 2018!

One of the big, fun decisions we made after my last wedding planning post was booking our band! We are seriously so excited about The Groove Motive! They came highly recommended, and my buddy Jack was able to help us book them. Honestly, after we heard their powerhouse female singer, no other band could compare!

I am pretty close to finalizing everything with a florist. That has been one of the tougher things for me because flowers are very expensive, and they die. THEY DIE. But the thing is . . . photographing weddings for the past 7 years has given me such an appreciation for flowers. Some of my FAVORITE wedding detail photos include the bouquets and bouts and centerpieces. Plus, our ceremony arbor is really important to me because my dad and I are planning on building it together. (I mean, he’ll be building it and I’ll be holding stuff for him and take pictures & Insta stories.)

When I picture Robert and I in front of our arbor covered in beautiful flowers with the mountains and everyone we like . . . I get a little misty in the eyes, ya know?? We’ll nix a cake to make room for more flowers. JK. We’ll probably still have cake, but I haven’t gotten to THAT yet. Personally, I’d like to just have a mountain of chocolate chip cookies. From Chick-fil-a.

We also booked our HONEYMOON with the help of Kim at Journey’s Inc. Kim is a friend from my Richmond Weddings days, and she was so helpful in helping us narrow down what we wanted for our honeymoon. Basically, we want to have nothing to do and no places to go, so we went with an all-inclusive Sandals resort in St. Lucia! I cannot wait for all-inclusive champagne, water sports, and also more champagne. We might be more excited about the honeymoon now . . . if it weren’t for being so obsessed with our wedding band. haha

For our honeymoon, we did decide to leave on the Tuesday after our wedding. I would recommend not leaving on the day after your wedding if you can help it! Robert & I will both have so much family in from out of town on Sunday, so we’ll want to be able to relax & hang with them before they leave. Plus, I’m a pretty nervous flyer, so I don’t want to be worrying about flying on top of wedding day nerves! I’ll be nervous about flying on Monday while I pack. 😉

Writing all of that out actually makes me feel a lot better because . . . I guess I do have a lot done! But I definitely got sidetracked with the fun little details over the pasts few months. Thanks to the Internet, it’s really easy to peruse sites like Amazon & Etsy to find ALL the ideas and crafty little things.

Amazon is Where Budgets Go to Die.

Kind of kidding, kind of not. You can buy fuh-reaking ANYTHING on Amazon. I have bought our escort “cards” (so excited about these, it’s going to be cute and on-theme), Instant cameras & film (for an idea we totally stole from Deanna & Travis), and all the linens for our round tables. I’m also stalking price drops on napkins with HONEY!

Since we have been planning for almost a year now, I have made solid use of Honey. Honey is a browser extension that will alert you of any coupons that you could add to your order. On Amazon, you can also use Honey to add items to your “Droplist,” which will alert you if the price drops. It also shows the pricing trend so you can see if there’s a good chance the price will drop again. Use this link if you want to try it!!

I also ALWAYS try to remember to use Ebates, another browser extension. A lot of stores offer cash back incentives if you use Ebates while shopping, so it’s super to get money back! Kate Spade is on Ebates a lot, as is Wal*Mart, Lowe’s, Amazon, Macy’s, eBay, etc. I even used it when I got a few things from Urban Outfitters. So far, I’ve gotten over $60 back just for using this little app! Use this link if you want to sign up!

Etsy is a Trap.

Also kind of kidding, but not. If there’s anything you want but don’t think you could make yourself, someone on Etsy will make it for you for a price. Custom cake topper with an Australian Shepherd? Obviously need that. Guest book that goes with our theme? Favorite that shop. Cool hair piece for me? Better look at 15 different ones, get confused, and close 15 tabs. And on it goes!

In all seriousness, I have found some really cool stuff on Etsy, and I love buying from little businesses! My new rule is NO impulse purchases. I have a few shops & items favorited, but I’m going to wait a little while to make sure I really want or need those things.

You Can’t Do ALL of Your Ideas

This is where the theme of restraint comes in. You can’t buy everything you see on Amazon & Etsy. You can’t (well, at least I can’t) afford to execute ALL of the fun ideas you have and execute them WELL. I’ve had to really stick to my priorities and theme and make sure that I’m not going overboard with all kinds of little details that may not make a big impact.

All in all, I’m still having a lot of fun with wedding planning. I cannot wait to get my dress back on when it comes in. One of my friends tagged me in The Office themed bridal shower post and I cried. Then I appointed head of my party planning committee. Basically, it’s great to be a bride! Until you have to find outfits for your engagement session, but that’s another post! 😉

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