University of Richmond Engagement Photos

May 17

I don’t often shooting engagement sessions if I’m not shooting the couple’s wedding.  I think it’s so important to work with the same photographer for both so you’re comfortable!  But sometimes . . . there are special circumstances!  🙂

Ashley & Brent met at the University of Richmond.  Brent was a senior, and Ashley was a freshman.  After Brent graduated, they managed the distance between Charlotte and Richmond.  As a long-distance relationship survivor myself, I know how amazing that is!!

Now, they live in Charlotte and are getting married in Park City, Utah where Ashley up!  They are definitely travelers.  Luckily, Ashley & Brent were in Richmond for Ashley’s brother’s graduation from . . . U of R!!  Last Friday, we hit up all the good spots on this beautiful campus.

So I don’t usually post photos like this on the blog . . . because it’s weird.  But as we were walking to another spot, Brent spotted this creep in the storm drain.  Ashley and I literally ran.  It was like that clown from It!

Ok, here’s a pretty ring shot to make up for a creepy critter. hahaha

Ashley & Brent,

Thank you for conquering all the wildlife with me.  😉  I had a blast with you both, and I can’t wait to see your wedding photos from Utah!  Only a few more months!

xoxo, Shalese

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