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Florence, Italy Travel Blog — Shalese Danielle Travels

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America needs high speed trains.  Yes, I get that our country is MASSIVE, but we should make travel easier between cities and states!  Imagine how much more of our own country we could explore if we were set up for trains like Italy.  I mean, even if you live in Rome, what’s your excuse to […]


The Weekender

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Helloooo Monday!  Something about this day seems significant.  Maybe because my sister’s wedding is exactly 2 months away!  Shanna, Jesse, and Colton came to Orange yesterday to check out the venue and our new AirBnB!  One of the first things Colton told me is that he’s WRITING a chapter book.  That’s right, he’s a little […]


White Oak Canyon Waterfall Engagement Photos | Lea & Zac

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The best way to start this blog post is probably to tell you that when Lea and I became friends in high school, I found my soulmate.  We were hands down the weirdest, coolest, loudest, hardest laughing girls on the gymnastics team.  We both love telling the story about the time our team bus driver […]


Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding | Samantha & Reilly

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The first wedding of 2018 is going to be hard to beat!  I love a Historic Mankin Mansion wedding, but when there’s SNOW in APRIL . . . . that’s one for the history books.  I had been watching the weather somewhat obsessively and praying it wouldn’t rain all day as expected.  “Samantha and Reilly […]


The Weekender

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You guyssss!  This past weekend was so crazy and amazing, I don’t even know where to start.  I’ll start with shooting Lea & Zac’s engagement session on Saturday!  Lea is one of my oldest and dearest friends — we lived together at JMU for 2 years.  She and Zac are super adventurous and outdoorsy, so […]



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