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Easy Ways to Reduce Waste

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When I declared to my parents last week that reducing waste was “my new thing,” my dad laughed and said, “NEW?!” He had a point. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been bothered by waste. Before I could drive, my dad sighed about hauling my bin of soda cans and plastic bottles to […]


The Weekender

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April (and the last few days of March!) has already been the most joy-filled, fun, emotional blur of a month. The truth is, even though this is supposed to be the happiest time in my life — I’m engaged, we’re planning our wedding, my family is growing, etc. — I was in a valley. Maybe […]


Richmond VA Engagement Photos: Marissa & Jordan

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Marissa & I have been friends for aaaagggesssss. Eighth grade sticks out in my mind. I’m pretty sure we were those friends who had a special notebook that we passed back and forth with all of our boy gossip. If I looked, I MIGHT find that notebook in my closet. Marissa & Jordan have been […]


Shalese & Robert Plan a Wedding: An Update

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An update on our wedding plans!


Rome, Italy Travel Blog

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Ah, Rome.  I heard so many different things about Rome while we were planning this trip.  Some guy on Jeopardy said Rome smells.  Literally smells.  My friend, Krysta, who was a huge help in my planning process, LOVES Rome.  I really didn’t know what to expect!! Since I’m blogging this part of our trip WAY […]



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