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  • I'm Shalese, and I'm a wedding photographer for old souls & hopeless romantics. I prefer vinyl records over iTunes, prints over JPEGs and snail mail over email. I believe that art happens in little moments, and I can't wait to tell your story.

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edinburgh travel tips

Shalese Sees the World: My First Trip Abroad, Part Two

After booking the train and hotel for Edinburgh, I kept going back and forth.  Should I have done

London travel tips

Shalese Sees the World: My First Trip Abroad, Part One

When I was younger, I read this book roughly one million times.  Actually, I read all kinds of

The Weekender

Hello again, blog!!  By the time you’re reading this, I’ve been back in the U.S. of A

cathedral of the sacred heart wedding photos

The Weekender

I am currently blogging from my bed on this rainy morning.  I already have a strong feeling that as

Biltmore House Asheville NC photos

Shalese Danielle Travels: The Biltmore in Asheville NC

I had this weekend blocked off in my planner with black and white washi tape for about a month.  I

The Weekender

Happy Labor Day, friends!  I am back from the beach and back to work . . . tomorrow.  😉  Even after

The Nashville Visit

What can I say about Nashville other than . . . ya gotta go!  It’s such an electric