my name is shalese


and I've always loved to write things down.
I'm a writer, photographer, wife, and dog mom.
I run a wedding venue in Orange, Virginia, and whenever I have free time and a cheap plane ticket, I'm planning our next trip.


spanish moss in savannah georgia

Savannah Bachelorette Party

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My Savannah bachelorette party was absolutely perfect for me, so I wanted to share everything we did, saw, and ate!


best podcasts to survive quarantine

The Weekender #160

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I’ll be honest, there’s not much to write about the weekends when you’re in quarantine! The Weekender posts started as a way to share sneak peeks on Mondays after I shot weddings on Saturdays. Now, I’m not really shooting weddings these days (I should PROBABLY write about that next . . . ), and our […]


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"Will My 30th Birthday Pass in Quarantine?" and Other Questions

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We are living in unprecedented time, folks. The Coronavirus has halted travel, left Italians on lock down, crashed the stock market, made toilet paper disappear, and is now threatening to bankrupt creatives, wedding vendors, salons, restaurants, and more. “Social distancing” is a constant topic. The situation, to put it simply, is serious, but I’m trying […]


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The One Where We Got Married

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This one has been a long time coming. 🙂 My favorite photographer already blogged our wedding, but I wanted to share even MORE of my favorites and talk about the whole day from my point of view. There’s SO MUCH that goes into a wedding, and after working in weddings for going on 8 years, […]


The Weekender

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Return of the Newlyweds Days Married: 16 The newlyweds have returned! After one very long travel day (we left our resort at noon and got back to Orange at 3:00am), we are back from the honeymoon and boy do we miss having all of our meals cooked for us! haha I have to say, that […]



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