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The “Off” Season

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It’s that time of year again!  You might hear a lot of wedding professionals talking about the “off” season right now.  For us, this is the period from about November to March/April where people aren’t really getting married.  You might think it sounds great to have this season of no work, but that couldn’t be […]


2016 Resolutions

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I know that there are a lot of memes on the internet that make fun of all the resolutions that people make this time of year.  And I know there are a lot of people who get bummed out that their gym is fuller than usual for the first few weeks of a new year. […]


2015 Behind the Scenes

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Behind the scenes posts are always my favorites from other photographers/wedding people in general.  I LOVE seeing what all goes into making an idea into reality.  Now, I rarely have a second shooter with me, so most of my behind the scenes are from the good old iPhone.  But it’s still fun, so bear with […]


The Website Launch

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It’s HEREEEEEE!  You guys would not even believe how long I have been working on launching a new website.  It’s kind of embarrassing but . . . I have been SLOWLY building this site since the end of July.  Not because it’s hard to use ShowIt or because I hired an expensive, sought-after designer . […]


What I’ve Learned from Leslie Knope

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When I started watching Parks & Rec on Netflix, I expected Ron Swanson’s mustache to be epic.  I expected April to be the deadpan humor.  I expected Aziz Ansari to be Aziz Ansari.  What I did NOT expect was to learn a lot about life and running a business from Leslie Knope. Leslie Knope is easily […]



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