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If you're looking for a wedding photographer who values prints over jpegs and moments over poses, you've come to the right place. If you're ECSTATIC to be getting married, you're also in the right place! 


A Motivational Jumpstart: Recapping Posh PR’s Business Intensive

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It’s really easy to let your business become stagnant.  When you get caught in the cycle of day-to-day maintenance, you stop looking at what can be better.  You stop striving as hard.  The hustle slows down.  It’s human nature for us to get complacent, especially when our world has so. many. distractions.  Sometimes good enough […]


Big Plans & Somewhat Scary Goals for 2018

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I really enjoy reading other people’s goals and aspirations for the year ahead.  It may be because I’m a sucker for fresh starts, a lover of new beginnings.  Plus, I’m a firm believer in putting your goals out there to stay accountable and have something to look back on in 12 months so you can […]


Shalese Danielle Photography is Moving . . . Back.

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You know when you’re on the precipice of something new, and you feel really excited at some moments but also like, kind of terrified the next minute? That’s how I’m feeling about making this announcement, but I’ll be honest . . . I MOSTLY feel really, really excited. I’m moving back to Orange. AH!  It’s […]


The Blog is Back!!

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YOU GUYSSSSSSSS.  I couldn’t be happier to be writing this blog post.  As you can see, the blog got a facelift.  A facelift that has been in the works since February.  That’s right, February.  I have never felt more stress of my blog . . . it was “on pause” for two weeks, then it […]


Introducing Madison at the Mill, an Orange, VA Wedding and Event Venue

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Today’s blog is a little something different!  If you’re following along on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve seen me talking about Robert’s wedding venue in our hometown of Orange, VA, Madison at the Mill.  Since they’ve hosted Christmas parties and scholarship fundraising dances there, there’s been a lot of interest in the “party room” above the […]



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