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  • I'm Shalese, and I'm a wedding photographer for old souls & hopeless romantics. I prefer vinyl records over iTunes, prints over JPEGs and snail mail over email. I believe that art happens in little moments, and I can't wait to tell your story.

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madison at the mill orange va wedding venue

Shalese Danielle Photography is Moving . . . Back.

You know when you’re on the precipice of something new, and you feel really excited at some

The Blog is Back!!

YOU GUYSSSSSSSS.  I couldn’t be happier to be writing this blog post.  As you can see, the

Introducing Madison at the Mill, an Orange, VA Wedding and Event Venue

Today’s blog is a little something different!  If you’re following along on Instagram

The “Off” Season

It’s that time of year again!  You might hear a lot of wedding professionals talking about

2016 Resolutions

I know that there are a lot of memes on the internet that make fun of all the resolutions that

2015 Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes posts are always my favorites from other photographers/wedding people in general.

The Website Launch

It’s HEREEEEEE!  You guys would not even believe how long I have been working on

What I’ve Learned from Leslie Knope

When I started watching Parks & Rec on Netflix, I expected Ron Swanson’s mustache to

How I Cut My Editing Time in Half

At the end of a Friday blog post, I mentioned that I would be telling you all how I cut my

My Favorite Editing Marathon Movies

If there’s one thing you’ll hear alllllllll photographers talking about, it’s

The Weekender

It’s back to work after a little Easter vacation!  My goal this weekend was to not check

Your Thinking Drives Your Living

So, I told you guys at the end of my post about One Swell Day that I wanted to dedicate