Wedding Update: We Mailed Invitations!

Aug 14

Wedding Countdown: 73 days

Just yesterday, we hit a big wedding planning milestone — we mailed the invitations! I got to go pick them up from Chloe last Wednesday, which was AWESOME because we got to catch up. She brings so much light wherever she goes.

custom wedding invitations

And truly, I cannot say enough about what a phenomenal gift it was for Chloe to take care of our Save the Dates & invites. I never had to print or write on a single envelope. On Friday night, I put stamps on all of the envelopes while a wedding at the Mill was winding down, then my mom and I assembled everything on Sunday while ANOTHER wedding had dinner!

So, what else have we gotten done? Honestly, more than I thought! Sitting down to write this and looking through photos on my phone has shown me that I’m way better off than my Knot checklist makes me believe (as usual — that checklist is the devil in disguise). Here’s what we’ve accomplished since our last blog update:

  • We have BOTH of our wedding bands! We got mine during the big sale at Diamonds Direct, and I finally talked Robert into having a nice one to wear.
  • My dad is working on our altar, which is going to be so cool I can’t stand it.
  • We got a cake!! My parents plus Colton and I went to Knakal’s in Culpeper, and I’ll tell you: you won’t find better buttercream or better prices! I actually got them to deviate on their flavors just a tad for me, which was a big win. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I did indeed come away with wedding cake AND a dozen donuts.
  • My dress is at alterations! My mom and I went to Short Pump last week to drop it off with Claudia. She is a GEM, and I can’t wait to see her again (Claudia AND my dress, hahaha). Seriously, Claudia made me feel like the prettiest bride in the world.
  • After my alterations, we found my mom’s beautiful dress at Dillard’s, then dropped it off to be hemmed at Nordstrom! If you see her, please tell her that she is going to look fabulous in it.
  • Mom has been working with the bridesmaids on my shower, which is the weekend after our bachelorette shenanigans in Savannah! I can’t wait to show y’all the AirBnB. There is a HARRY POTTER ROOM. That’s all I need to say, right?
I had a say in my bridal shower invites, but my mom surprised me with one of engagement photos on the back. She’s so freakin’ cute.
  • I THINK I’m done with bridesmaids gifts, but there is one more idea I love that I might have to do! We’ll see. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I do have it marked in my calendar to bury some bourbon on the one month out mark. Whatever might help us get great weather, am I right??

There are more little things I’ve done/bought like my VEIL (YAY! Such a big and unnecessarily hard decision lol), a little fun something for the ceremony recessional, Robert’s bow tie, etc. I have to believe it’s all going to come together even though I still feel unprepared. I’ve had more than a few wedding nightmares at this point. Most of them are about no one showing up.

Wedding planning, in my opinion, is both parts fun and exciting & stressful and expensive. Extra little costs just seem to pop up all the time! And I will say, running a wedding venue doesn’t make it easy. Seeing everyone’s ideas and creative little touches and beautiful linens is fun, but it has made me question my own choices more than a few times! I just tell myself that I have a plan and I’m sticking to it . . . with some creative ideas that I’ve borrowed thrown in.

The most important to me is that we’re all making memories through this process. I loved getting to spend a day with my mom finding a dress for her. I always smile remembering the night Robert and I went to Harrisonburg for our tasting, and I loved seeing Robert’s mom react to our invitations! There are so many reasons to be grateful and happy, so even when things get stressful and I’m dreaming that no one RSVPs, I’m enjoying the ride. There are only 73 days left, after all. Oh, and then a lifetime after that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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