The Weekender

Aug 26

Wedding Countdown: TWO MONTHS! I did get heart palpitations writing that. NO BIGGIE.

I feel really lucky that we happened to have had a REALLY fun weekend right before we get into the busiest weekend we’ve EVER had at the Mill.

Since it’s a holiday weekend, we have weddings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. BUT WAIT! There’s more. We also have Friday’s rehearsal on Thursday, and a styled shoot Wednesday morning. BUT WAIT. There’s still more. I’m heading to Richmond this morning to do headshots and content for Posh PR, AND our house is still under construction, AND I’ll be editing Julia & Brian’s wedding photos all week!

This is all very casually without mentioning again that OUR wedding is in two fuh-reaking months. We have RSVPs coming in, seating charts to be made, linens to order, and a timeline to finalize! And by “we” I do mean “me.” Robert is in charge of making sure we have a house to move in to, I’m in charge of the wedding. 😉

So, in the name of balance, here’s how we’ve been having all the fun before we do all the work!

  • Thursday night, I had gotten tickets a long time ago for us to see “Robert music.” Robert music is hard rock to heavy metal, but since I love Breaking Benjamin, I thought seeing them with Chevelle & Three Days Grace would be an excellent introduction into the world of “death growls” and mosh pits.
  • IT WAS. We missed the very first opener but got there just in time to see Dorothy, who is 100% the most badass woman ever. I truly believe that she could sing ANYTHING from Led Zeppelin to Alanis & Janis to Heart. As soon as she walked on stage, I was like, “This is goth Stevie Nicks, and she is my new style icon.”
  • I also really, really loved getting to see Chevelle & Breaking Benjamin live. So much passion, man. When you hear an entire venue singing The Red and Breath, it’s pretty incredible. Those were 10/10 my emo break up era jams, and I LOVE them.
  • Saturday, I got to shoot Julia & Brian’s wedding at Hollyfield Manor. Hollyfield is a photographer’s paradise, in case you’re wondering. So many cool little spots and so well decorated!
  • Julia is Robert’s cousin, so he was a guest and my driving buddy! It’s crucial to have a buddy when you’re driving so late at night. I definitely would not have been listening to Crime Junkie Podcast if he wasn’t with me. Even he said I needed to stop listening — it’s too scary! So much crime, must stop before nightmares start.

Of course, before I’m off to my photo studio (aka Quirk Hotel haha), here are some sneaky peeks of Julia & Brian’s gorgeous day!!

Hollyfield manor wedding photos on the lake
Hollyfield manor wedding photos in front of house

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