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How I Use Essential Oils: From a Beginner & a Skeptic

Jun 5

I got my YoungLiving Essential Oils premium starter kit (psk, as they say in the “biz”) on March 23rd. That means I’ve been using and studying oils for almost 3 months now. And when I say “studying,” I mean STUDYING. I’m a learner, and to be honest, I was skeptical of essential oils. There’s so much hype about them on social media, and some of them are super expensive. I had to know what the deal was, so I decided to get started and see for myself.

First, I should explain the oils I own so far because of the premium start kit and my first 2 monthly orders. You’ve probably heard that the PSK is THE best way to dive into oils because it’s such a great deal and it gives you all the best oils. Here’s a picture of my premium starter kit — I chose the Desert Mist diffuser, and I love it! I adore the candle flicker mode. 🙂

YoungLiving Essential Oils premium starter kit

There are some oils that I really haven’t used much yet (Pan-Away & Raven), and I haven’t tried the Ningxia Red stuff because it’s a lot of fruit, and I’m allergic to a lot of fruit! So I’m scared of that lol. But the oils that I am using a lot now have been a game changer!! Here’s what I’ve loved so far:

Helping Me Get to Sleep and STAY Asleep!

I’m a bad sleeper. I worry, I toss & turn, and I usually wake up EVERY morning around 3 or 4 and have a hard time falling back asleep. But not anymore. Every night, I diffuse something mixed with lavender. A lot of the time, it’s lavender and Peace & Calming or Stress Away. Sometimes it’s Valor with lavender or a little Thieves for an immunity boost. Lately I’ve been doing Peace & Calming, Lavender, and Orange. And I can’t stress enough . . .

. . . I sleep like a rock. Seriously. I was sleeping so well, and then I started to run out of Lavender, so I didn’t use my diffuser for a few nights. I couldn’t fall asleep forever, and when I did, I was up again a few hours later. I’ve been diffusing every night since.

Robert loves the diffuser. He makes requests now! Honestly, I think Rory (our Aussie) likes it, too. He stays close to the diffuser — I think it makes him sleepy, cuddly, & relaxed, which is always nice. 🙂

YoungLiving Essential Oils peace & calming oil for sleep
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Magic Cystic Acne Reducer

Once I turned 25, I started getting cystic acne bumps. If you have these, you know they are the WORST. Cystic acne is deep under the skin, which means it usually doesn’t come to a head (no matter how much you want to pop it, you cannot) and it HURTS. I usually get a few of these once a month. They’re big and somewhere prominent, always! I saw an oil Instagrammer say that she puts Purification oil right on the bumps, and it reduces them right away. So guess what was in my very first monthly box??

The first night I put Purification on my skin (right between my lip and my nostrils!), I felt the burn! I rubbed a little coconut oil over it and went to sleep. When I woke up, the bumps were definitely smaller, and more noticeably, they didn’t hurt. Since they were in that spot, it hurt when I smiled or wrinkled my nose in any way. I used Purification and coconut oil a few more nights, and now the bumps are gone!

Purification is also known to remove bad smells, but I haven’t used it for that yet! I heard a trick of putting some on a cotton round and leaving it in your old shoes, so I might see how that works next.

Cold Sore Relief

Another weird skin thing I’ve suffered through my entire life: cold sores. They’re genetic, and they SO annoying. I even went so far as to go to a dermatologist to figure out how to prevent them and how to make them go away faster. I got a prescription for these massive horse pills. Those worked really well and always got rid of them FAST, but 1) I hate taking pills for anything. 2) You have to take them at the very, very first tingle of a cold sore. Otherwise, they don’t work as well. 3) You have to take FOUR of these big pills, which I just find really weird to get rid of something so small. And of course, my prescription ran out.

So, when I got a random cold sore at the end of May (fun, right?), I immediately Googled “Essential oils for cold sores.” Tea Tree was always mentioned first, but I don’t have that because it’s known to not be great for dogs, so I’m not into using it yet. Peppermint kept coming up, and that was in my start kit!

Peppermint is NOT my favorite taste, so I didn’t love doing it. It definitely cools and numbs though, which felt nice. Cold sores hurt. The good news? It did work! Not as quickly as the pills because I started using it late in the outbreak, BUT . . . the cold sore never got BIG like they usually do. It stayed very small, and within less than a week, it was gone completely. I’ll take that over horse pills or Abreva.

Joy Roller

When I signed up, my sponsor, Hayley, sent me a roller full of Joy. At first, I really wasn’t sure about the smell. It’s pretty flowery at first. And honestly, I was skeptical of all the oil hype, but I wanted to try it for myself! Now, I use Joy every day, multiple times a day! It’s SO relaxing, and it always lifts my mood. It just makes you feel happy. I think there’s something with the smell PLUS the act of rolling essential oils on your skin and getting present. It’s like putting it on says to my brain, “You are going to lighten up now.” And it works!

Getting Rid of Toxins with Thieves

This is the most important one to talk about, and I’m going to start by being super honest with you. I’m terrified of cancer. It’s all around us. Known carcinogens are in soda, makeup, cleaners, new clothes, candles, shampoo, laundry detergent, CEREAL . . . it’s everywhere. Since learning about how powerful Thieves is as a NATURAL immune booster and anti-bacterial, I’ve paid a lot more attention to what’s in the products I’ve always used. You can use the Dirty app or the EWG (Environmental Working Group) app to see how your products rate. Even Windex is bad for your respiratory system!

YoungLiving Essential Oils Thieves cleaner concentrate

My first YoungLiving purchase was actually a bottle of the concentrated Thieves All-Purpose cleaner. Since then, I have used it to clean my tile floors, wood floors, granite counters, sink, shower, fridge, trash cans, and toilets. I even sprayed my Thieves/water dilution on my grape tomato plant after it was ransacked by some bug. Now it’s super tall, growing little tomatoes, and hasn’t had a bug on it since. That’s the most incredible thing to me. I also use the Thieves laundry soap, and I feel so much better about what I’m putting on my clothes.

I think the Thieves cleaner is MOST magic on wood surfaces. It makes them so shiny! I’m going to use a capful to mop the floors in our AirBnB, so I’ll let you know how that goes!

There you go! That’s how I’m using essential oils these days. I still have a lot to learn, but here’s what I DO know:

  • I will never buy another cleaning product or detergent. I’m sticking with Thieves for soap, glass cleaner, antibacterial sprays, any of that.
  • I will never stop diffusing for excellent sleep!

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