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Jan 14

The last Weekender I posted (no. 155) was published in August. AUGUST, you guys. I don’t know . . . what happened. Honestly. I’ve MISSED blogging. I’ve thought about blogging. I really wanted to blog . . . but there’s been a block. Whether it was simply sitting down to make the TIME (quiet time, uninterrupted-by-my-very-needy-puppy time? What is that?) or just not knowing what to say, I’m really not sure.

I think a big part of it was just not feeling like anyone really cared whether I was blogging or not! And you know what, maybe no one did (except for my mom). And that’s fine. Because I missed blogging for ME. So . . . I think my New Year’s resolution (if you want to call it that) is to pick back up with blogging. Because WRITERS GONNA WRITE. And if there’s one thing I’ve always been . . . it’s a writer.

Writers aren’t technically supposed to start sentences with “and” and use ellipses this much, but if there’s one OTHER thing that I am . . . it’s a rebel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

SO, speaking of resolutions. My other resolutions are things like this:

  • Start, finish, and PRINT our 2018 “yearbook.” I got this idea mostly from Katelyn James — a giant photo book of all the best moments from the year. My 2018 was BOMB with the whole getting engaged and getting a puppy thing (haha), so I feel this is a perfect year to start printing my photos all in one place. I think it will also be a big wake up call that I have real cameras and should USE THEM instead of just my phone all the time.
  • It’s officially our WEDDING YEAR (insert excited expletives and squeals here), my other resolution/goal is to . . . plan a freaking wedding!!!

So, how is wedding planning going? Glad you asked. It’s AWESOME. Well, at least today I feel like I’m going awesome. We have our engagement session scheduled with Heather in March, we have a tasting with a caterer next week, and I’m meeting with a florist tomorrow. And I finished (is it ever really finished? I keep thinking of things) our registry. Today I filled in addresses and proper names for our guest list AND fine-tuned our wedding website. I’ve also bought a few things online here and there for our special little ideas, and I’m pretty pumped about it. I have a designated shelf for wedding things, and it’s filling up!

When you basically plan/host/photograph weddings for a living, it can feel like there’s no time for your own. At least . . . that’s how I felt in the Fall. But now that it’s booking season and not so much DOING season, I feel like I have more breathing room to focus on our big day. Which is 285 days away, just in case you were wondering. ๐Ÿ˜‰

BIGGEST THING: I got our Save the Date designs from Chloe last week, and it was the best day of my 2019 so far. Legit cried when I saw the artwork. It is now my phone’s lock screen background, and it sparks joy in me. MAJOR JOY SPARKS, you guys. We’re getting married. It’s so real.

Oh, and I bought a dress. Maybe this post should just be all wedding planning updates?! I still can’t believe I got a dress. It’s not here yet, but I think when I hear it’s in, I’ll just drop ev-uh-ree-thing and head to Richmond. I love it so much, I look at pictures of it before I go to sleep. YEP.

  • Speaking of sparking joy . . . I did binge watch Marie Kondo on Netflix, and I have resolved to KonMarie the krap out of Robert & I’s lives when we move into our house. NO CLUTTER. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself as I’ve gotten older, it’s that clutter stresses me out. I am my mother, hello.

SINCE this is the longest Weekender ever, I think I’m going to stop here. I can save the other updates for next week because there is TOTALLY going to be another one of these next week. And the week after that. And the week after that . . .

Here’s my wedding dress shopping team, complete with my sister’s twin boys. ๐Ÿ˜‰
And here’s a picture of Rory smiling at me for my food because I know what some of you are REALLY here for.

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