The Weekender

Aug 13

Why are weekends so much shorter than week days?  I really don’t think it’s fair.  I’m dead set on enjoying these last weekends of August because September is packed full of weddings.  The time for Netflix binges, afternoon ice cream cones, and lake days is growing short!

  • A few Fridays ago, Robert and I braved the storms to go see Incredibles 2!  It was, as expected, adorable.  I totally want to see a short film of Edna & Jack Jack’s babysitting adventures.  Edna is my favorite.
  • Can you believe it’s been 14 years since the first Incredibles?!
  • That weekend, we took Rory to the lake for the first time!  We had taken him to a pool, and he hated it.  But when we got to Lake Anna, he RAN right into the water! 
  • I also took the first step toward making him a kayaking dog.  He only dove out twice! haha It’s not easy to paddle with a puppy in your lap, but that’s where he’s happiest!  He’ll be a water dog in no time.  🙂
  • Remember when I talked about working toward a healthier lifestyle?  I never thought I would be able to change my tastebuds.  I mean, the thought of eating a pepper would make me literally gag.  Now I chop peppers and toss them into any old thing.  I also eat Brussel sprouts.  I love them.  Sauté those suckers with some honey or chop them into a hash with fried egg?  Amazing.  And trust me, I NEVER saw that coming.  It’s never too late to learn to love new things!
  • I’m also drinking Perrier with lemon when what I REALLY wanted was a fountain Coke from McDonald’s.  So much progress.
  • Yesterday was another rainy evening, so I finished the Stevie Nicks biography I found on super sale last week.  😉  
After our lake day, we got Rory a life jacket. We are obsessed.

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