The Weekender

Jul 23

Happy Monday!  I have a lot of things to say this Monday, so let’s jump right in the deep end with my exciting weekend of . . . . cleaning?  😉

  • Adult Confession: I spent most of Saturday afternoon deep cleaning my apartment, and it was GLORIOUS!  Robert took Rory to play with Cedar, so I was able to get so much done without a little fluff trying to bite the vacuum.  I think it’s truly a mark of getting older that I found so much satisfaction in cleaning.
  • But honestly, there is something so beautiful about clean surfaces!  My kitchen island, the bathroom counters, the dryer . . . all clear.  Yes, I do have a habit of leaving clothes all over the dryer.  Can’t even get to the lint trap.  IT’S A PROBLEM.
  • I also organized my makeup, nail polish, magazines, winter blankets, and fridge.  It was rejuvenating.
  • I am SO EXCITED to be reunited with my BFF, Chloe, this week.  We are going to catch up, show her around Orange (thrilling, haha!), and talk WEDDING INVITATIONS!  Because duh . . . who else would do our invitations?? 🙂
  • Would having Rory’s face on the envelope liners be too much? hahaha
  • You may have seen on my Insta story last week that I got a great deal on a big crate for Rory.  It’s here, but I can’t bring myself to switch it yet.  I’m not ready to move him out of his baby crate.  Is this what parents feel when their babies move into big kid beds??
  • I also got my She Reads Truth Bible the day after I ordered it.  Free one day shipping is a gift from the Lord.  😉
  • In all seriousness, this new Bible has already been a game-changer.  It’s silly, but having a beautiful new book has motivated me to start reading the Bible for the first time in my life.  I’ve never read the whole thing or even tried to do an kind of study.  Now I’m doing Hannah Brencher’s Bible study . . . that I got back in February.  AND IT ROCKS.
  • I finally understand what people mean when they say it’s a “living word.”  You really can relate this 2,700 year old book to your life.  It’s almost scary how much so many things apply.  Hannah’s study started off as a study on our social media use, and MAN does God have a lot to say about being obsessed with ourselves & other people.  It’s like he knew Instagram was coming.  😉
  • Ok, last thing, the one I’m MOST excited about: I’m sponsoring a child!!  Yesterday was Sponsor a Child Sunday at Lifepoint.  We partnered with One Child Matters, and our church sponsored over 600 children.  SIX HUNDRED!!  The girl I chose is from Cambodia.  Her name is Sreynich, she’s 8, and she hopes to be a nurse.  I’m going to help get her there.  🙂

How cute is she??  I’m really excited to write letters and learn more about her.  She also shares a birthday with my best friend, so we’re meant to be.

And of course, no Weekender is complete without photos of Rory.  😉  He turned 4 months old yesterday!!  Pardon me while I cry — my baby is getting so big!

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