The Weekender

Jul 9

Hellooooo friends!  This post is a draft from Memorial Day weekend.  OOPS!  I guess we’ve been Weekender-less for some time now!  To be honest, my little Rory nugget has taken up most of my time and energy.  Plus, we’ve had THREE family/friend weddings in that time including Robert’s sister’s AND my sister’s!  It’s been BUSY.

Oh and . . . the Rory nugget also chewed up my laptop charger and it took me awhile to get a new one.  Again, OOPS.

So let’s talk about being busy.  I don’t have children, but I can only imagine that having a puppy is a lot like having a newborn . . . except the puppy bites and poops on the floor if you’re not careful.  Well wait . . . I helped with my nephew a lot when he was a wee babe, and he peed/pooped on me more than once.  He probably bit me at least once, too.  So yeah, I guess they’re pretty similar!  Basically, most of my time and energy goes into watching Rory to make sure he’s happy, healthy, and not eating something weird.  This morning, for example, he started systematically removing all of my winter socks from a basket, one by one.  While I was brushing my teeth.  It was really cute, but I love my thick, knee-high winter socks, so his raid had to end quickly!

ANYWAY!  Let’s catch up on life.  There’s a lot happening!

  • Now that we got both sisters good and married, Robert and I are starting to talk more about our own wedding!  I’m going to post a blog about that later this week.  IT’S SO EXCITING!  I’m so thrilled to be on the bride side.  🙂
  • Robert and I have been engaged for over 3 months now.  I still love looking at my ring, and I rarely wear it if I think it will get a scratch.  Like if we’re setting up for a wedding at the Mill — that’s a lot of work and carrying heavy things!  Can’t risk it!  haha
  • I celebrated my FIANCE’S birthday for the first time this weekend.  It was such a gorgeous weekend — so cool, breezy, and sunny!  We’re both sporting t-shirt tans after a day of playing with the dogs and relaxing outside.
  • Right now I wish I was outside.  The AC is broken in our office at the moment, so we’re kind of dying.  It would be super helpful if the windows opened.  Plus, in total dog mom fashion, all the fans are pointed toward Rory as I’m feeding him ice chips on the floor and sweating.  Now tell me being a dog mom isn’t similar to being a kid mom.  So much sacrifice!!
  • I shared on Instagram last week that I have been working on eating healthier and losing a few pounds in the process.  That all sounded really good, right?!  Unfortunately, all of that healthy eating goes out the window on the weekends.  It’s so frustrating, but all I want on the weekend is pizza and ice cream and JUNK.  And I forget to drink water because we’re out and about.  Sooooo yes, it may have sounded great, but it’s still a struggle.
  • Has anyone watched The Staircase on Netflix?  I thought it was SO TERRIBLE after 3 episodes.  I couldn’t sit and watch it, but I kept putting it on while I was working just because it’s easy to have on in the background.  Now that they’re re-trying the case, I’m actually really interested in it.  I still think it’s their worst law doc, but I secretly wish I had gone to law school, so I’m into these last episodes.
  • If you love crime/law documentaries, The Keepers is just jaw-dropping.  It’s so well done as a documentary, even with such gut-wrenching subject matter.

Alright, now let’s catch up on some photos . . . mostly of Rory!  I have a blog in my head that’s going to be all about getting an Australian Shepherd — things I bought that I’m glad I got, things I didn’t really need, etc.  If you think you want a puppy, it’s going to be a good read! haha

Here he is after his first somewhat accidental swim in a pond.  I think Cedar was making it look effortless, so he jumped in after her.  He was pretty stunned, but he made it back to shore without me jumping in after him.  I was ready to . . . even in my rehearsal dinner dress.  I mean, LOOK AT THAT EYEBROW!

Here we are featured in our town newspaper!!  So many people have told me they saw our picture.  We’re very proud.  🙂

Rory at Colton’s last baseball game!  Little kids surrounded him when we arrived, and he did so well!  We’e worked hard at socialization, and he loves people!

Rory never cuddles on the couch or in my bed.  Whenever we put him up with us, he just wants to bite and play!  After his first playdate with Belle & Cedar, he was exhausted enough to lay on the couch with me.  This is a very special photo.

If you want to see more photos of Rory, he does have his own Instagram account.  I haven’t advertised it yet — it’s mostly for me so I can print photo books!!  But if you love this little pup, you can follow @RorytheAuss.  🙂

This is my favorite photo.  🙂  Our walk down Elizabeth & Skip’s aisle was a good practice run. EEK.

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