The Weekender

May 7

YOU GUYS.  This is the 150th Weekender post.  150!!  I started writing these a long time ago, and honestly, I never thought people would read them.   There were definitely a few times I thought about letting these posts go.  Who cares about my life that much??  But there was this time that my aunt, uncle, and cousin were visiting from Ohio.  Something funny happened, and my uncle said, “Are we going to read about this on the Weekender on Monday?”  So I realized . . . if no one else is reading these . . . my uncle and my mom are!  So I kept writing them, and now, 150 posts later, I seem to have a pretty loyal following of Monday readers!

Still though . . . I write these for me.  I’ve always had this scenario in my head about my future teenage children (hahaha, horrifying) finding this blog.  They’ll either think I was really cool or really nerdy.  But at least they’ll know a little more about me and who I was during all the different seasons of my life.  So . . . here’s to 150 more.

Now, for the good stuff:

  • Only SIX MORE DAYS until I get to share something exciting with you guys!!  I have been so pumped about this for almost 4 months now.  Stay tuned to Instagram on Mother’s Day.  😉  EEK!
  • Since Friday, I worked three consecutive 10 hour days.  I was FEELING that yesterday night!  There was so much to do to prepare for 1) our first AirBnB guests, 2) Ade & Conor’s wedding, and 3) our first wedding of the year at the Mill!
  • Happy to report . . . they were all a smashing great success.  🙂  I’m so proud!
  • Since I was in Richmond for Ade & Conor’s wedding on Saturday, Robert and our crew were in charge of setting up for Jasmine & Eddie’s Sunday wedding.  That means when I walked in early Sunday morning, I got see the new ceremony room, the entry, and the bridal suite all set up and ready.  I got a lump in my throat, you guys.  And you know I’m not a crier!  But it looked so beautiful, and it took so much hard work from so many people!  It was incredible to see it all done.
  • But we’re not completely finished!  We have a BIG wedding this Saturday, so we’re using the newly renovated side for the first time.  That means the new bar and new bathrooms will be done!
  • But anyways.  After those long days, I plan to relax with some Grey’s Anatomy and Yoga Toes tonight.  My feet need some therapy!
  • Before all that relaxation though, I really think I need to clean my apartment.  See, when I get busy, I tend to just dump things on the floor when I get home.  It’s just bags everywhere right now, full of random things.  And no food in the fridge.  So!  Getting my life together, then Netflix. haha

Now, for what you’re REALLY here for . . . some sneak peeks of Ade & Conor’s wedding at the Science Museum of Virginia!  I was extra excited for this one because my buddy, Jack (aka Topper Dandy), and HIS buddies (aka Three Sheets to the Wind) were playing!  You’ll get to see more of THOSE extra fun photos on the blog later this week.  😉


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