Friday Introductions: Meet Rory, Our Australian Shepherd Puppy!

May 18

This is the 2nd super exciting post that I get to write this year, and that makes me feel very lucky.  Our new Australian Shepherd puppy is HERE!  We picked up little Rory on Sunday, so I got to become a dog mom on Mother’s Day.  🙂

And yes, I did name my boy dog Rory.  I love Gilmore Girls, but we chose a boy from the litter because his coloring is so cool.  As hard as I tried to think of a new boy name, Rory stuck.  After my friend reminded me that Rory is also a boy’s name (Rory McIlroy, ya?), we made it official!

A lot of you have probably already seen a lot of Rory on Instagram Stories, and that’s not going to change!  I MIGHT be one of those people whose dog gets his own Instagram handle.  😉  He does have a hastag.  It’s #RorytheAuss because someone used #rorytheaussie already.  BUT IT’S FINE.

You know I love using my blog as a personal journal, so here are a few fun facts about Rory.  We’re learning more and more about his personality every day!

  • He is CHILL.  I mean, yes, he does get pretty rambunctious in the morning and the evening, but he has slept under my desk all week while I have blogged, edited, and delivered one wedding gallery and two engagement sessions!  He’s the perfect photographer’s dog already.  😉
  • Some people have even asked if I’m sure he’s an Australian Shepherd because he’s always on my Stories just being mellow.  He is!  We have papers and everything.  haha
  • He can be an Ausshole.  Don’t let his sweet face fool you.  He’s teething, and he likes to latch onto to whatever one of my body parts is most readily available.  No calves are safe.
  • Rory hates being in the hot sun.  Not that we’ve had a lot of sun this week, but when we did, he would run to any patch of shade and lay in it.  We are soulmates.
  • I joined an Australian Shepherd owners group on Facebook, and despite some of the drama that happens in any Facebook group (lol), it’s been super helpful!  Rory can be a little terror in the morning, biting at everything in sight.  I read in the group that people swear by freezing some yogurt and treats in a Kong overnight.  It works like a charm!
  • I also used the group tips about Bully sticks.  It definitely lives up to the hype — it’s the only bone Rory can’t get enough of.  He loves it.  He’ll take all of his toys of the box to find it.
  • He’s very good at meeting new people, including my 7 year old nephew.  We’re going to keep socializing as much as possible!
  • Some of you have seen a lot of Cedar, my future sister-in-law’s German Shorthair Pointer, on Stories.  She is pretty uninterested in Rory right now.  It’s not her personality be maternal, but Rory REALLY wants to her to like him.  We started with some barks and growls on both sides, but now Rory tries to run after her as she chases tennis balls.
  • Rory is also learning how to dog from Cedar.  I knew watching Cedar run under the fence into the huge field to chase a ball would inspire him.  Sure enough, after watching her do it a few times, he was running under the fence.  The cattle guard, however, is a much bigger challenge.
  • As you guys know, we’ve had nothing but rain in VA this week, so Rory did get his first bath after running through a mud puddle.  Robert and I were handling him like porcelain, so I’m not sure how clean he got.  We’ll all get better at that!  But Rory did seem to enjoy the warm water.

So there you have it.  I am officially a dog mom who can’t stop talking about her fur baby.  I get it now.  What I DON’T get is how some of my friends have multiple children, pets, and run businesses or work.  I don’t know how any mom runs a household with even one child!  Keeping a little human/animal alive AND out of mischief is a Herculean task.  But Robert and I are smitten with our little guy, and I am already mourning the day that we wake up and he’s GROWN!

Look at his perfect eyebrow.  It makes him look so serious.

The “R” in “frozen” looks like that because SOMEONE was trying to eat it.

See what I mean about not being fooled by his sweet face?!  haha

This was the majority of our first photo shoot.

This is Rory’s first photo with us after we met Karen to get him!  He seemed to love Robert right away.  🙂

We took him exploring in the Mill because it’s going to be a big part of his life!  I even introduced him on the Mill Instagram with this picture.  😉

He was mostly exhausted his first day.  We saw MUCH more of his personality as the week passed!


He LOVED all the tall, soft new grass at Robert’s house!  They’ve been working hard on landscaping for Elizabeth’s wedding.


We wanted a cousins picture.  🙂

I hope that one day, we’ll get a photo of them much closer together. haha

After meeting his Higginbotham family, we headed to my sister’s for Mother’s Day brunch!  Also, I took this at a stop light so everyone can chill.

Colton loves Rory!

Even DAD loves Rory!!

Mom & Sister love Rory!

My mom sent this on Monday.  She’s spoiling her granddog!!

We couldn’t stay away from his cuteness.

So there you have it!  Rory’s first day home with us and his first photo shoot.  😉

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