White Oak Canyon Waterfall Engagement Photos | Lea & Zac

Apr 19

The best way to start this blog post is probably to tell you that when Lea and I became friends in high school, I found my soulmate.  We were hands down the weirdest, coolest, loudest, hardest laughing girls on the gymnastics team.  We both love telling the story about the time our team bus driver separated us and then refused to keep driving until we stopped laughing.  I was so sad to leave her behind when I went to JMU (she is a year younger than me), but you can’t keep soulmates apart for long!  When Lea called to tell me that she had chosen JMU, I screamed in the middle of the dining hall, then put my head on the table and cried.

During her first year at JMU, our dorms were right next to each other.  During my last 2 years at JMU, our bedrooms were across the living room.  We went to parties together, took long drives to clear our heads, ate raw brownie batter, and spent a lot of time figuring out life while sitting on the kitchen counters.  There aren’t many stories from that time in my life that don’t star this little human in some way.

It was an honor to get to shoot her engagement session with her new fiancé.  I loved getting to know Zac and seeing how they interact as a couple.  As Zac and I held up a ENO hammock for Lea to change behind off of the trail (this is a norm for engagement sessions!), I said, “You really found your adventure buddy, didn’t you?!”  She said, “I really did. He makes me MORE adventurous.”  That’s all anyone is really looking for, isn’t it?  I see beautiful things ahead her Lea and her new life with Zac.  🙂

Ok, let’s get started.  We set off on a glorious hike to the waterfall!  Luckily, it wasn’t super busy even though it was a beautiful Spring day!  Once we got our giggles out, we got started.

They crack each other up regularly.

This water was FREEZING MOUNTAIN SNOW WATER.  And they made it look wildly fun.

THEY GOT ALL THE WAY IN.  Because, as Lea said, “I think we’ll regret it if we don’t!”

They didn’t stay in for long because hypothermia.

On our way out of the woods, I grabbed a quick shot of Lea & Zac in their natural habitat: geared up and ready for the next adventure.  😉

Lea & Zac,

Thank you so much for spending your Saturday with me and LYING TO ME on our way to my surprise party.  😉  You guys are a superb couple, and I cannot wait to hang out with you more!  On our next Journey . . . 😉  GET IT?!?!

xoxo, Shalese

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