The Weekender

Apr 30

Tomorrow . . . it’s gonna be MAY!  I have been prepping myself for how busy May is going to be, and I’m ready to take it on.  I think.  hahaha  Y’all better get ready for a busy blog month!  There are a LOT of sessions coming up . . . and some super fun personal announcements, too.  That one is coming in two weeks!!  It’s definitely going to make things interesting around here!  😉

Now, for #allthethings:

  • Today, I’m doing a walk through with our May 12th Mill couple!  Lauren & Evans booked the Mill over the summer, before any of our renovations.  They have been so brave to trust us, so I’m excited to see what they think!
  • We also have our first AirBnB guests this Saturday!  I’ve been trying to think of all the last minute things we need to make it feel like home!  Leave any tips you have in the comments.  😉
  • The bad news about all this busy-ness is . . . the pollen just hit me HARD yesterday.  Like, where has that been?!  I had this blissful feeling that maybe I had outgrown my severe tree allergies.  HAHAHA.  Nope.
  • I was sniffling so much Sunday that I got a splitting headache.  Luckily, I remembered Flonase this morning.  That shit is magical.
  • Robert’s mom hosted an engagement party for a family friend on Saturday, and she got THE best cupcakes.  I think I found our wedding cake baker.  😉

Ok, my head feels massive, so I’m leaving with sneak peeks of tomorrow’s blog: an Ash Lawn Highlands engagement session!

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