The Weekender

Apr 23

Helloooo Monday!  Something about this day seems significant.  Maybe because my sister’s wedding is exactly 2 months away!  Shanna, Jesse, and Colton came to Orange yesterday to check out the venue and our new AirBnB!  One of the first things Colton told me is that he’s WRITING a chapter book.  That’s right, he’s a little writer AND avid reader, just like his aunt.  🙂  I’m seriously so proud.  I told him we could go to Barnes & Noble next weekend and his little face LIT UP.  It may be dangerous . . . for my bank account.  hahaha

Ok, let’s see if I can remember anything that happened last week.  It was a weird, exhausting week, for some reason!  I blame the pollen.

  • The most exciting news?  My cousin, DJ, got engaged on Saturday!!  Shanna and I were anxiously awaiting that one!  We’re all so excited to have Miranda in the family.  🙂
  • I posted on Insta that I hired my BFF Heather as our wedding photographer!!  Best decision ever.  As a bride, I received the sweetest welcome box from her!!  As a friend, she sent me the Kate Spade wedding planning binder!! In the perfect shade of robin’s egg blue.  I cried.  And photographed the heck out of it, obvi.
  • I spent the rest of the weekend wearing my Kate Spade Mrs earrings from Caroline.  Robert totally noticed.
  • He got a little grin when he saw my married name in our planning binder.  It’s SO WEIRD to see but also super cool.
  • Since my sister is a badass Mary Kay director, my collection of makeup brushes and lipstick has gotten CRAY.  In the best way.  I need more occasions to wear lipstick.
  • Wait.  Every day is a good occasion to wear lipstick, right?!
  • I’m very impressed to see Amal Clooney on the cover of Vogue this month.  Sure, that particular door may not have opened if she wasn’t married to George, but I mean . . . we’re seeing a brilliant human rights attorney on the cover of a fashion magazine.  THE fashion magazine.  That feels positive to me.  🙂

Now, I’m showing off my #YAYHCPBRIDE box.  Again, best decision EVER!


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