The Weekender

Apr 9

Good afternoon-ish, friends!  I’m coming at you from Palm Beach, Florida.  I know, I know, it’s trying to snow at home, and I’m looking at palm trees.  Don’t hate me!  I’m here with Caroline & Kym of Posh PR for a few days of photo shoots, so it is a working trip.  We have some fabulous brands and hotels to create content for, so it’s going to be busy!

This past weekend was busy with Samantha & Reilly’s snowy April wedding.  If you know me, you know I was just like, “YASSSSSSSSSS snow YAS.”  Get ready for some sneak peeks.  😉  Of course, traveling always brings the cool stories, too, so here we go!

  • So, I woke up at 2AM today to get to Richmond Airport our 5:30 flight.  Whew.  I had these lofty goals to be packed  and ready to go to bed at 7, but . . . it’s still light out at 7!!  Also . . . was not packed nor had I cleaned my apartment.  GAH.
  • I probably seem like a pretty frequent flier at the moment, but I still get SO NERVOUS.  After our blood pressure raising flight from Dulles to Heathrow, I was super grateful for two very smooth, very short flights today!
  • After driving home late from the wedding Saturday, then getting up super early for the plane today, I have tips for late/early driving.  YA GOTTA SING.  Get yourself some old CDs, and go to town.  Also, keep your car cold.
  • It probably would have been helpful to drink coffee, but I’m not much of a coffee drinker.  I love a good white mocha, but that’s not so much coffee as it is syrup.
  • Here’s my PSA about how small a world we live in: on our 5:30 flight to Charlotte, I had to put my camera bag in an overhead bin in the back of the plane.  I was waiting and waiting for everyone to get off the plane when this guy started passing my big rolling bag to me.  He hands it to me and says, “Shalese, right?”  I was like, “Wait, yes, what?!”  It was Jesse’s brother and his new wife!!  Zac and Lauren just got married this past Saturday and are on their honeymoon!  How wild is that??
  • In other wild news, I turn 28 on Wednesday.  I’m a little sad to be away from Robert on my first engaged birthday (everything is a first again!), but Palm Beach isn’t a bad place to celebrate!  I am however, already excited to get back to my fiancé.  😉

Alright, now for what you’re REALLY waiting for: the sneak peeks!  I had such a great time shooting Samantha & Reilly’s wedding.  You may have seen on my InstaStory that now that I’m a bride (AH!), I feel like I really GET IT more than ever.  And it makes me feel extra emotional about these two!

This photo had me squealing a little.  I LOVE SNOW so much!!  I was thrilled to get to shoot some snow portraits.  🙂

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