The Weekender

Apr 2

WE’RE BACK! And we’re back ENGAGED!  I’m really, really, really excited to write those words.  🙂  I still can’t believe I’m a bride.  When does that start feeling real??  I bought wedding magazines at Heathrow.  My first ones as a bride.  I’ve bought a million weddings for research and inspiration, but never for my OWN WEDDING!  I danced through the airport with them, then forgot them on the plane.  I’m still salty about that.  I had pages marked & everything.  Plus, they were British, and the way they write is so cute.

British Airways, if you’re reading this . . . I’ll send you my address if you found them in seat 52J.  

There’s so much to talk about that I don’t even know where to start, so I guess I’ll just . . . start!

  • As soon as we got back home, we went to BED.  We had been traveling for something like 18 hours, but I still woke up at 4:30 in the morning.  It was 10:30am in Rome, so I should have been up and have walked at least two miles by then!
  • Speaking of miles . . . neither of us took our Apple Watches, but I remembered that your phone tracks your steps/miles anyway.  Robert & I walked over 100 miles in 2 weeks.  It was probably closer to 110.  INSANE.
  • We walked more in Rome than anywhere else — usually 10 – 12 miles each day there.  It’s BIG.  That’s even with taking the metro.
  • I do plan to blog our trip by the cities we visited.  I love having this diary for me of what we did and saw.  But I have over 2,000 photos between my Fuji camera and my phone, so I don’t know when that is going to happen!!
  • Can I just say again that WE’RE ENGAGED?!?!  hahaha
  • A lot of people have been asking to see my ring, but . . . I don’t have it yet!  We finished designing it together after Robert proposed, so it’s being made (and sized for my scrawny little finger) as we speak!  The ring you’ve been seeing on Insta is my placeholder.  I still stare at it a lot.  Like a lot. I’m VERY excited to see my real ring and have it fit!!
  • Our moms planned a little engagement dinner for us on Saturday since my grandparents and Robert’s sister were all in town for Easter.  I loved it — it made me feel so special.  I even popped one of the two very special bottles of champagne that I’ve been saving.  😉  We’ll see when the next one gets opened!
  • I am slightly embarrassed and slightly proud that I’m getting two vendor contracts set up for our wedding this week.  Our wedding is going to be next October.  As in 2019.
  • A lot of people have been saying, “Oh, you must already have your wedding planned!  It’s going to be so easy for you!”  Not so.  I have no real creative vision yet.  I just know the people I want for certain things!
  • It wasn’t long before I changed Robert’s name in my phone to Fiancé.  Complete with emojis.  I just want everyone to know that.
  • Ok, the other big news is 1) it’s my birthday month (YAY!), and 2) I shoot my first wedding of 2018 this Saturday!!!  Samantha & Reilly, I’m so ready for you!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have approximately 1,258 emails to answer  (thank you to everyone who has been so patient!).  And paint colors to confirm for the bridal suite at the Mill!  As I mentioned, I do have roughly 2,000 photos from our trip to Italy to go through, but I’ll leave you with my favorite and the most important one.  😉

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