The Weekender

Feb 26

Hellurrrr Monday!  Since I never got around to publishing The Weekender LAST week (oooooops), you’re getting some catching up bullet points from Valentine’s Day to now.  Normally I would just skip all the old news, but I actually really liked the movie we watched and wanted to tell you about it.  Plus, I really loved my Valentine’s gift.  Don’t get too excited — it is in line with Robert’s belief that all gifts should be PRACTICAL.  haha  So, even though my Valentine’s roses have died, my other gift will never die.  It will just need sharpened from time to time.  😉

SO here we go with a deluxe Weekender!

  • Valentine’s evening, Robert and I watched The Big Sick on Prime Video.  I loved it!  I love dead pan humor, and this movie is full of it.  Plus, it’s based on the lead actor’s real life.  8/10 recommend if you also love dry humor . . . and Ray Romano.  He’s so great in this.
  • Robert got me a fabulous new chef’s knife for Valentine’s Day.  I didn’t know you could slice a lemon without squishing it do death!!
  • Ever since I read The Kitchen Counter Cooking School, I’ve wanted a great knife.  It is ENTIRELY worth it.  Robert found these on Amazon that have over 600 five-star reviews.  It’s a great weight, which is very important in knife/cooking/chopping culture!
  • In other exciting news, I finally got the couch for our other Mill project!!  It’s coming on Wednesday, so we’re that much closer to a photoshoot.  And that means we’re that much closer to announcing our latest endeavor to the world!  Stay tuned.  😉
  • We are just 17 days away from our Italian vacation!!!  I’m getting a blog ready to tell you all about how I plan to put everything I need abroad in a carry-on.  I’ll give you a hint: THESE PACKING CUBES!
  • I’ve been working on my second piece for More Love Letters, so I’m trying to find the writing environment that works best for me.  Sometimes . . . sometimes the best thing for my writing is rap.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I haven’t had the highest opinion of Cardi B.  But something about the IDGAF attitude in her songs really fuels my writing.  I think it’s because I worry too much about what people will think of ME if they read any of my articles.  So in terms of being myself and staying true to my convictions . . . I think I should be more like Cardi B.
  • And Eminem.  May we never stop listening to Eminem.  If it’s good enough for Michael Phelps to win 28 Olympic medals, it’s good enough to get words outta me.  😉
  • Now, when writing sessions turn into a rabbit hole of what’s next on YouTube, we have other issues.

Ok, I THINK I’ve told you guys enough about me for the week. Go slay this week with your Eminem loud and your lipstick louder.  😉

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