Helllooooo last days of January!  Generally, January is not my favorite month because it’s usually dark and gray.  Dark and gray days make me very tired.  Like yesterday!  I felt like taking at nap at 5:30.  Who is with me?!

  • I have been re-discovering New Girl.  Some time ago, I stopped watching after things happened that I didn’t like. haha  Anyway, Hillary recommended that I start again, and I finished Friends for the 3rd time so . . .
  • New Girl is so underrated.  I think it contains some of the funniest lines on television.  And in case anyone with whom I discussed this with in college is wondering . . . I am still in love with Nick Miller.
  • Yesterday, the parents, Robert, and I took Colton (my nephew) bowling.  As uncomfortable as I am with wearing shoes that many, many strangers have worn, it’s a fun time.  It makes me want to be in (on?) a bowling league.  I’d like my teammates and I to wear matching button-up shirts like in The Break-Up.
  • If you’ve seen The Break-Up, you understand that if Jennifer Aniston bowls on a team, it would be cool to bowl on a team.
  • If you saw my Instastory this weekend, you know that I FINALLY picked all the hotels AND booked the train tickets for our Italy trip.  It makes it feel that much more real that we’re GOING in less than two months.  Wooooo!
  • Now is when I start thinking about what I’ll pack for a two week trip and realize that I hate all of my clothes.  SOMEONE HELP.  Send me a Pinterest board!
  • I am really excited to welcome another 2018 SDP couple this week!  Sarah & Anthony, I’m so excited to work with you guys!!!  Sarah was ready to book by her second email to me, which is just about the coolest thing ever.  🙂

Final note: I got a whole box of the new issue of Richmond Weddings a few weeks ago, and I’m so excited to start giving these babies out to our Madison at the Mill couples!!

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