The Weekender

Jan 8

Happy Monday!  I am PUMPED to be in Richmond today at Quirk Hotel for Caroline’s business intensive!!  It was an early, cold drive out here this morning, but I’m happy to be at my favorite RVA hotel.  It’s perfectly quirky, ya feel me?  I’m also REALLY excited to hear some great speakers today.  I’ve felt like my business needed a little kickstart this year . . . as in I needed a motivational kickstart.  Today is just I need.

Until I get to tell you all about today’s intensive later this week, here’s what’s been going on in the world of yours truly:

  • I really wanted to wash my car before I had to valet park today, but all the car washes are frozen.  It was truly embarrassing, but WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO?
  • I always say that I love cold weather . . . but single digits is fairly extreme for my part of the world.  My space heater is my best friend.  It comes to the shower with me, which really uplevels the experience.
  • So when I moved into this apartment, I was really into picking out my own teal dishes.  Last night, I broke one of them in the sink, which was fairly traumatic.  So many pieces.  Now I understand why some people wear gloves when they wash dishes.  I always thought that was a little extra, but now . . . I may become one of those people.
  • I’m also thinking about becoming one of those people who diffuses oils.  Who out there is into that?!  What do I need to know?
  • Last week, I bought Oreos, which is not exactly part of my “eat more vegetables” plan.  But the thing is . . . I have an entire half gallon of milk that’s about to expire, and I just don’t know any better way to use milk.
  • Now, last thing: I’ve joined some other great creatives in a BIG giveaway on Instagram!!  Head over to @ShaleseDanielle on Insta to see how YOU can enter to win a $250 Target gift card!!!

And stay tuned to Insta to see some sneak peeks of the business intensive today!  🙂

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