The Weekender

Jan 1

Happy New Year!!  Welcome to the first Weekender of 2018!  Now that it’s 2018, we’re on the FOURTH year of the Weekender.  And let me tell you, that is a way more fun thing to think about than how my very first morning of 2018 went today!

When I tried to get into my apartment at 10:00 on this cold and windy morning, the deadbolt was stuck.  I tried and tried.  Pull the door, push the door, turn the key, yank.  Nothing.  I kicked the door — I’m not proud of that, but I’m not a perfect person.  Guys, I even put my gloved hands over my face and screamed.  100% temper tantrum style on my front porch.  I was so FRUSTRATED.

THREE HOURS LATER . . . Robert’s dad (also my landlord, so this next part is totally ok) sawed the hecking deadbolt off the door and yanked the mechanism out.  Meanwhile, Robert and I are digging out tools and coughing.  It was a fairly miserable sight.  I literally never thought I’d see my apartment door open again.  Ever.  But it did!  Your girl is getting a new deadbolt.  I’m making my favorite orange glazed rolls to celebrate . . . and to help heat up my apartment.

SO!  Here are some other stories from the other side of the door:

  • For the second year in a row, I was sick for New Year’s Eve!  But you know what?  It’s totally fine.  Holidays like NYE and Valentine’s Day always bum me out because it’s just TOO MUCH PRESSURE to have the perfect time to Instagram for everyone to see.  Do you feel me?!  The expectation to HAVE FUN always seems too high to me.
  • Does anyone else wait until New Year’s Day to take their Christmas decorations down?  Now that I’m back INSIDE my apartment and thawing out my toes, it’s time to pack up my little blue tree!  It always makes me feel a little sad, but I’m trying to use this clean up time to declutter.
  • I feel like my life is a constant state of decluttering.  What is up with that?
  • The last Weekender should have been all about Christmastown at Busch Gardens, but it was Christmas Day.  You’ll have to find the story of how Robert won me a GIANT stuffed Santa on Instagram.  😉  It’s my favorite Christmas memory.
  • STORING giant stuffed Santa is another issue.
  • On Saturday, we went shopping for my sister’s wedding dress, and she said YES!  We found a gorgeous gown that’s perfect for her June wedding at Ava Laurenne in downtown Fredericksburg.  10/10 recommend going to see Patti at Ava Laurenne — she made the whole experience absolutely wonderful and fun.  🙂

Now, all I need to head into the New Year like BAM is my new 2018 Simplified Planner.  This is my fourth Emily Ley planner, and I couldn’t imagine life without it.  🙂



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