A Motivational Jumpstart: Recapping Posh PR’s Business Intensive

Jan 10

It’s really easy to let your business become stagnant.  When you get caught in the cycle of day-to-day maintenance, you stop looking at what can be better.  You stop striving as hard.  The hustle slows down.  It’s human nature for us to get complacent, especially when our world has so. many. distractions.  Sometimes good enough feels good enough, am I right?  If it’s WORKING . . . and working mostly okay, who has time to figure out what you can do BETTER?

That’s why I’m a true believer in attending a business intensive at least once a year.  Sometimes you need a room full of fellow female entrepreneurs to inspire you and encourage you.  You need to talk it out, listen to other people, and bounce ideas around.  Because entrepreneurship is LONELY.  Sure, you can spend a day in a coffee shop with your WiFi off honing in HARD on your goals and focusing on what can be better . . . but that’s LONELY.  And we weren’t to be in this all alone.

On Monday, I spent the day at Quirk Hotel for Caroline’s The PR Behind the Pretty Business Intensive.  And guys . . . it was SO GOOD.  I knew I needed a little motivational kick in the ass to get my business and my heart in shape this year.  I had to leave the stagnant behind.  Monday was exactly what I needed.

First of all, Quirk is such a great choice for an intimate conference venue.  No matter how many times I step through their doors, I always feel inspired.  Plus, Quirk is a great example of impeccable branding, which is what our intensive was all about!

(thank you to Remy for all of the photos in this post!!)

And speaking of branding, even though Quirk’s pink aesthetic is perfect for Caroline’s brand, she brought in all the right decor to make you feel like you were truly stepping into a brand.

So, confession: I like to get cute things when I go to conferences. hahaha  I’m half-kidding, but seriously, Caroline put so much thought into our takeaways.  When I got to my seat, there was a huge pink binder full of the talking points, questions to answer about our processes, note pages, and plenty of pretty visuals.  I’m so glad I have this binder to go back and read through everything and answer any questions that I didn’t have time to REALLY think about it.  This little pink treasure is FULL of practical tools for improving your brand.

Caroline also had pretty branded mugs for us and a shiny gold pen that I’m obsessed with.  🙂  And of course, we all took home champagne!

We talked about things like ACTUAL, physical vision boards.  Like paper pinned to presentation board.  And I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I done this?”  I’ve read and seen other people doing this but never taken the time to put my ideas and plans on something tangible.  Caroline explained how her board always reminds her who her target audience is and how to talk to them.  It was a big lightbulb moment for me: I need to visualize my readers and my ideal wedding clients in the same way.

Throughout the day, I had a ton of little lightbulb moments.  Intensives are such great opportunities to ask questions and bounce ideas around with like-minded creative business owners.  And of course, I always knew Caroline was a special kind of marketing and branding genius, but Monday showed me that she has a gift for pulling greatness out of people.  I told her that I wish I could sell more wedding packages with albums because I believe so much in having tangible photos, and BAM — she gives me 3 things I can start doing to sell more albums and prints.  When you have goals, you NEED to get some outside perspective!  You just never know what solution they may think of that you would never thought of yourself.

To make a longer story short, I left Quirk later that evening BRIMMING with new ideas.  I barely even listened to music on the way home because I was making lists in my head of all the things I plan to do to launch some new ideas.  And since Monday, I have made actual lists of not just ideas but step-by-step action plans.  The best part about this conference is that I left with WAY more than just a good pep talk and confidence boost.  I left making PLANS and feeling ready to take action.  If there’s one thing I took away from the Posh PR Business Intensive, it was one word: START.  I’m ready to do just that.  🙂

HUGE thank you to Caroline and the PR Dolls for putting together such a beautiful, motivating, helpful conference.  And a big, big “job well done” to Remy for these photos!  I didn’t have time to take very many photos of my own because I was too busy taking notes!  If you have a chance to go to Caroline’s next workshop (and there should DEFINITELY be more), GO!

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