The Weekender

Dec 18

So here’s a thing: Christmas is a week from today.  WHAT.  How did that happen??  WHERE DOES TIME GO?  This week, I will be watching as many Christmas movies as I can, including the Christmas Prince on Netflix.  Sorry Robert, but I will also be playing my N*Sync Christmas CD a lot.  A LOT.

One week out from Christmas, guess who has their Christmas shopping done?  THIS GIRL!!  That’s right, I picked up my final gift yesterday after church, and it’s hidden in my office.  🙂

Besides enjoying as much Christmas as possible, here’s what else is happening . . .

  • When I came home from church & shopping last night, all of the frames that were hanging in my bedroom were on the floor.  There may have been a small earthquake in my apartment.  Or maybe my neighbors really ARE elephants!
  • Since moving back to Orange, Pure Barre Short Pump is the thing I miss most, aside from my roommates.  So, in an effort to get back into shape after an embarrassing bout with an elliptical, I subscribed to Pure Barre On Demand.  Now I can do the workouts in my living room, and honestly, I’m surprised by how effective they are!  I thought without a barre and the awesome instructors, it just wouldn’t be as good.  But it’s still really fun, and I’m really sore after a class.  That’s how you know it’s working, right?!
  • Plus, I found a barre ball at TJ Maxx!  AND IT’S TEAL!!
  • Also, I am still battling it out with the elliptical every other day.  It will not defeat me.
  • Can we talk about the magic of places like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshall’s?  You just NEVER KNOW what you’ll find there.  I found some really fun presents & managed to refrain from buying things I thought I REALLY needed myself, like reusable makeup removing cloths, essential oil diffusers, and makeup brush cleaning pad thingies.  See tweet below.
  • After Christmas, we’re starting the expansion of Madison at the Mill so we can host 300+ person weddings!  I cannot wait to see how it looks when we’re done!
  • Speaking of weddings, I am going to be IN two weddings next year.  Me, a bridesmaid!  That’s not something you see every day!!

Ok, I’m off to listen to more Christmas music!  And if you’re still shopping & waiting on Amazon Prime packages, GODSPEED, little elves!

I’m also off to mail my letters for the More Love Letters 12 Days of Letters campaign!  12 days, 12 letters for people in need of some love and encouragement.  You can still write letters!  Mail them by December 20th, and find the requests HERE.

more love letters

And finally (just because), a cute picture of Robert’s sister, Elizabeth’s, dog.  Her name is Cedar and she is majestic.

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