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Nov 27

Hellurrrrr friends.  Here we are in the final days before my favorite month!  Confession: I started decorating before Thanksgiving.  I couldn’t help it!!  I have a blue Christmas tree, and it needed to go up.  It’s a little tabletop tree, and it never fails to make me smile.  There isn’t a more “Shalese” tree in all the land, I assure you!  So yes, now that Thanksgiving is over, almost all of my Christmas decorations are up.  My Yankee “Christmas is in the Air” candle is burning, there’s a new wreath on my door, and I’m printing the schedule for all the good Christmas movies.  🙂  ‘Tis the best time of the year!

This week, I’ll be working as quickly as I can to finish up all of my work before the Holly Ball on Saturday!  I have one more album design to complete with Jen & Jake, a family session to edit, and one last engagement session to blog and deliver!  That’s right, Samantha & Reilly’s session this past Saturday was my last for 2017!  Of course, I said that about 3 sessions ago, but hey, I’ll take a great 2018 – 2019 couple whenever they want me!  Before we get to the sneak peek of those two, I have some rants and raves for you, as usual.  😉

  • One of the best parts of December is that Terry’s chocolate oranges are back in stores.  This fact does not make dieting around the holidays easier, but you know . . . life is to short to miss out on orange flavored chocolate.
  • The above is welcome to be engraved on my tombstone.
  • Wisdom teeth update: I am eating like a normal person again!  I would love to eat a cheeseburger at some point.  Two weeks ago, I couldn’t imagine biting into a cheeseburger ever again!
  • Has anyone else noticed how expensive live Christmas trees have gotten?  Apparently there is a shortage of live Christmas trees.  We went to a nursery in Fredericksburg yesterday and found the good trees starting at $60!  Y’all know that good trees are Fraser firs with sturdy branches, no those soft needles that will drop all of your ornaments.  We went to Home Depot and got a fabulous Fraser fir for $26.  Not a romantic experience, but you know what, it was fun.
  • Since it’s the end of the month, my book reviews from November will be up on Friday!  I’ll give you a preview: I just finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, and it was a 5/5!!  There is no character quite like Eleanor Oliphant out there — you’re going to fall in love with her.  I didn’t want this one to end!
  • I just started on Krysten Ritter’s book, Bonfire.  It’s pretty interesting so far!  100% honesty, I chose it from my Book of the Month picks because Krysten Ritter was in Gilmore Girls for a few episodes.  NO SHAME.
  • Speaking of the Book of the Month Club, if you want a perfect gift idea for a reader in your life (or you want to *hint hint* about gifts for you!), you can sign up for BOTM Club HERE!
  • Oh!  One more amazing thing about December — season two of The Crown coming back to Netflix!  If you haven’t watched this yet, you should!!

Now, a sneak peek and it’s back to the editing room for me! Also . . . trying to snatch up some Cyber Monday deals.  😉

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