The Weekender

Nov 20

I’m back!!  Well, I’m back halfway.  I feel like I’m working at half capacity after getting my wisdom teeth out last Monday.  That’s right, I did it!  I had all four of them taken out, then spent the next 3 days on my couch.  If we’re being completely honest, I have felt utterly worthless this past week!  I felt like I couldn’t focus on anything!!  Today, however, is the first day I have woken up NOT in pain.  YAY!!!

I do think I’ve had an easier time than most people I’ve talked to.  But I still felt SLOW, so I’m getting back to answering emails and editing today!

Now that I’m back to business, I’ll be blogging TWO engagement sessions this week.  I met Paul & Rachel in D.C. last Sunday, then I got to meet Chelsea & Nick in Richmond on Saturday!  I can’t wait to share these couples with you guys.  It’s going to be a busy week before Thanksgiving!  But first, the stories from my week on the couch.

  • While recovering, I watched entirely too much Scandal.  I had given up on it, but it actually got good again!  Now I need to catch up on the final season!
  • My mom and Robert took really great care of me while I was couch-ridden.  Mom drove me, sat with me all day, picked up my prescriptions, and coached me through all the post-op care stuff.  Robert brought ice, made multiple trips to the store for jello and mac and cheese, and watched Stranger Things 2 with me after work.  He told me I was beautiful even when my face looked like a Snapchat filter.  🙂
  • Part of me was afraid to go out until my swelling was way down because we live in a small town.  There is a 99% chance I will leave the house and see 3 people that I know.  When I got stir crazy enough to take a walk one day, I bundled up in a scarf and a hat like I was Taylor Swift hiding from paparazzi.
  • Speaking of T. Swift, I am into her new album.  I’m not what I would call OBSESSED, but I do like it.  I love some songs like End Game and New Year’s Day, but I’m a little lukewarm on most of it.  Basically, I am here for the sassy evolution of Taylor Swift.
  • I’m really thinking about decorating for Christmas early.  I’m usually a wait-until-December-1 kind of girl, but I have a blue Christmas tree, and this is my first all-mine apartment.  I’m EXCITED.
  • Liz did major Christmas decorating when we all lived in Richmond together, so I hope I can do as well as she does.  I came home from barre one night and BAM.  Our apartment was all decorated with a big tree and lights and stuff on the mantle.  It felt so cozy.  🙂  MISS YOU, LIZ!!

Now, for some sneak peeks before our blog days that are coming!!  I’m off to my follow up appointment with the oral surgeon, so wish me luck!  I miss straws, you guys.  I really do.

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