The Weekender

Nov 6

Happy Monday from the other side of Daylight Savings Time.  I really think it’s necessary to spend the Sunday of DST on the couch, especially since yesterday was dark and dreary. And you know what I always forget about Daylight Savings?  It means that when I get done with a normal work day, it will be DARK OUTSIDE.  UGH.  I forget how depressing Winter can be.  When it snows, it will all be worth it.

Anyway, yesterday was the perfect day to watch Stranger Things.  I feel much more in tune with society, watching American’s favorite Netflix original.  I’m 3 episodes in and hooked.

So, news & updates . . .

  • Saturday was horse races day.  It’s one of the few Saturdays in the whole year that I completely block off — no weddings!  Every first Saturday of November, we get dressed up and go watch horses run around James Madison’s house while drinking champagne. There is also ALL kinds of Southern food like ham biscuits and delicious dips in crock pots and barbecue.
  • Did I mention the champagne?   I don’t drink much, but when I do, I pay the price.  Two Advils and lots of yellow Gatorade before bed.  Just being real with you. hahaha
  • ANYWAY, all of my Richmond housemates were there, so it was extra fun, even though it poured down rain.
  • Guess where I’m going on Wednesday??  JMU!  I love any reason to go back to JMU, and I haven’t been there since Marly & Jeremy’s engagement session.  My friend Meghan asked me to speak on an events panel for the Hart School of Hospitality, and I’m PUMPED!
  • Now, the MOST fun bit of news . . . Robert and I are headed to Italy in March!  That’s right, our travel month lives on.  We’ll be doing 2 weeks in Italy starting and ending in Venice.  I am SO excited and already working on my Duolingo Italian.  So far my favorite word is buongiorno.  So fun to say!!
  • That said, if you have any tips or must-see things, tell me!!  My guide book arrives from Amazon today, so let the itinerary making begin!

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