Rachel & Paul’s National Gallery of Art Engagement Photos

Nov 20

I think my favorite part of being a wedding photographer is when you get to shoot a wedding for friends.  I mean, all of my clients become friends, but in this case . . . Paul & I were friends before he & Rachel were clients!  We met in photography class at JMU.  That was back when I didn’t want to tell anyone that I wanted to be a wedding photographer because on the first day of class, our professor said being a wedding photographer was selling out.  He was totes wrong, of course, but he was a hell of a teacher.  😉  Anyway, Paul and I bonded over a photo scavenger hunt through Harrisonburg and a shared propensity toward sarcasm.

Two years later, he referred two his friends to me for their wedding!  I got to see Paul AND meet his new girlfriend, Rachel, at Allison & James’s wedding.  Now, 3 years after THAT, I get to shoot their wedding!!  Isn’t it funny how things come full circle??

Now, when Rachel & Paul requested the National Gallery of Art for the engagement photos, I realized that one of my dream photos was about to come true!  I hadn’t ever been in this museum, less yet gotten to photograph in it, so it was quite the adventure.  I mean, finding parking was an adventure, but it was worth it and then some.  🙂

Ahem, dance break.

These two are really great at making each other laugh.


These lights slayed me.  It’s so COOL!



Rachel & Paul,

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer and showing me around your town!  And of course, for giving me chocolate covered pretzels for the ride home.  🙂  I can’t wait for September!!

xoxo, Shalese

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