The Weekender

Oct 30

Do you ever just need a day to do . . . nothing?  When the very rainy forecast made us reschedule Paul & Rachel’s engagement session, I decided that Sunday would be the perfect day to veg out.  As a self-diagnosed introvert, I need recharge days.  Yesterday was perfect.  Very rainy, very dark.  I watched Hocus Pocus, ate pizza, and kept up with the Kardashians.  Girls gotta turn it off sometimes, ya know?  But don’t worry, I did other things before my TV & pizza day.

  • SUPER stoked to have delivered Jen & Andy’s wedding to them on Friday!  Gotta keep the editing queue clear!  Even though Saturday was my last wedding of 2017, I have 3 more engagement sessions to go!
  • If there’s anything I consider myself an expert on, it’s chocolate chip cookies.  I can confirm that Pillsbury’s new recipe is total BLAH, and Nestle Toll House still reigns supreme in the break and bake world.
  • No love lost for Pillsbury though.  Their cinnamon rolls are the bomb.  I buy the orange flavored ones two at a time because I think they’re seasonal.
  • I do eat vegetables sometimes, I swear.
  • Lately, Gilmore Girls is my editing show.  This has led me to decide that my wedding theme will be the first Life & Death Brigade trip that Rory goes on.
  • I mentioned to Robert last night that we needed another trip like our Biltmore weekend.  He was like, “Well that was only a few months ago.”  We went last November.  Boy needs a vacation, am I right?
  • BUT HONESTLY, how is November starting this week?!
  • My biggest goal for 2018 is to get to go to a Halloween party.  I don’t think I’ve gotten to dress up for Halloween since college!!  I’m not a super creative costume person, but I strive to be.  And I LOVE seeing the fun costumes on social media.  I’m living vicariously through everyone who doesn’t have weddings!

Now, what you’re REALLY waiting for: more sneak peeks of Jen & Jake’s wedding!!  These two.  🙂  Just you wait until blog day!!

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