The Weekender

Oct 9

Holy October, guys.  It’s only day 9, and this month is already crazy!!  I sent an email to my newsletter friends about how to make the most of this crazy, busy, beautiful month, but I might be a total hypocrite.  With two  more weddings and two more engagement sessions to go for the year PLUS events at the Mill, things are WILD.  I’m currently deciding if I’m thriving or surviving. hahaha  Get ready for this Weekender to be a little all over the place because I am all over the place!

  • Yesterday, I got to second shoot at Tuckahoe Plantation for my BFF Heather.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  Al & Kali are two of the sweetest humans on the planet.  It also didn’t hurt that Heather and I tore up the dance floor (hahaha) AND I went home with a box full of Skittles and Starbursts from the candy bar.  I pretty much NEVER eat the wedding cake, but I will take you up on a candy bar.
  • Yes, I am a wedding photographer who never eats the cake.  I just . . . never get around to it!
  • Also, I think I broke my bad luck at Tuckahoe!  Since the last time I shot there with Stephanie was during a tornado, I was sure that the thunder during Kali & Al’s ceremony was my fault.  But alas, there was no rain!  Just a little rumble that made the whole thing even more cool.  😉
  • On Saturday, we hosted Rolando & Nadia’s wedding at the Mill. In my quest to be as outstanding a venue coordinator at Jeremy, I had Robert bring me a propane torch to light the sparklers.  Then I was too afraid to light it, so he did.  TEAMWORK! hahaha
  • Can we talk about how it’s still too hot for boots and sweaters?  I’m mad about it.

Now, I’m off to go eat lunch and edit and do ALL THE THINGS!

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