The Weekender

Sep 25

Welcome to a late night Weekender!  The blog had TWO amazing weddings on it last week, so I was editing double time to make that happen!!  It really makes me happy to be able to show off my clients’ weddings so soon after their big days.  I have the patience of . . . something has very little patience, so I know how it would feel to get to see your wedding photos just two or three days after it happens!

As am I laying here on the couch in my slightly messy but we’re making progress AND getting decorated for Fall apartment, I’m realizing we have a LOT to talk about.  So let’s do this!

  • The first big news is that MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!!  She FaceTimed me while Robert, Martin, and I were in DC for the night last Sunday with this gorgeous ring and a BIG smile.  🙂  Jesse is going to be such a wonderful dad to Colton, and it makes me happy to see my sister and nephew so excited.  EEEK!
  • Sooooo that also means I’ll be pulling double-duty as sister of the bride AND photographer!  How fun is that?!  I shipped her official “Shalese Danielle Photography Welcome Box” earlier today.  Yes, I realize I could have given it to her in person, but we LOVE getting mail.
  • I also shipped one to my new Shalese Danielle couple in Brooklyn, NY, Chelsea & Nick! They’re getting married at Lewis Ginter in RVA next year!
  • OH, and yes, our British friend is safely back home in Manchester after we walked him to death all over DC!  It was actually really peaceful on Sunday & Monday — I’ve never seen DC so empty!  Also, I could live my whole in the Library of Congress.  It’s beautiful.
  • I mentioned decorating for Fall, so here’s my big confession: I bought Christmas decorations yesterday.  THAT’S RIGHT, Christmas decorations in September!  We went to the new At Home store in Fredericksburg and WOW.  Let me tell you guys . . . that is a dangerous place for your wallet. I only bought two packs of ornaments because #SelfControl.  But . . . I did buy something else yesterday that I cannot to show you guys come December 1st.  😉
  • Yes, I will be decorating on December 1st because it is officially CHRISTMAS TIME that day, and I can’t wait to decorate my first solo apartment!!
  • Before my two weddings last week, I made my own styling boards.  It is LIFE CHANGING for shooting details!  I have two so far, one that’s pretty white and a creamier one.  They were so easy to make.  Now I just have to see how they hold up for my last three weddings of the year!
  • I only have three more weddings this year?!?!
  • If you saw my Instastory today, you know that I got a new washer & dryer today!  I wish I could tell 17 year old Shalese that she would one day be thrilled about home appliances and happily scour the house for laundry to do.
  • Actually, I’ve always had an old soul, so decade ago Shalese would probably be like, “YES girl, launder those towels!”

Ok, that’s probably enough of my life updates for you!  Plus, I have freshly washed sheets to put on my bed.  HAHAHA  Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow because there is a SPECIAL kind of book review happening for a book I want everyone everywhere to read.  😉

washington dc library of congress

washington dc library of congress

washington dc library of congress

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