The Weekender

Aug 21

WHO is ready for the solar eclipse today?!?!  Now, I heard news via a photographer friend’s Insta story that some fan accounts claim T. Swift is dropping a new album today.  This would make today the best day.  I mean, sneak peeks of an awesome wedding (!!!), total eclipse, epic album drop . . . I’m speaking great things into this day, folks.  Great things.  I will not be watching the eclipse though because I don’t have those special shades and I don’t want to go blind.  Apparently the retina damage is REAL, but you can make something out of a cereal box to look through?  It sounds like a lot of work.

Anyway, before all the darkness falls, I have life updates!

  • Robert comes back from New Hampshire today!  He went to surprise a friend and had a great time and all, but I am so ready for him to be back.  I mean, for two weeks we got to see each other every day, and then he leaves for a whole week.  Well, actually, it was only 5.5ish days, but it felt longer.  So . . . new T. Swift AND Robert is coming back = best day ever.
  • Since I was driving back to Orange after Emily & Phil’s wedding in Richmond, I knew I needed to find some good music to stay awake.  BOY OH BOY did I strike gold with some old CDs I made in college.  Every song was like a surprise sing-a-long.  Reliant K, 3OH3!, Third Eye Blind (because I literally never made a CD without at least 3 3eb songs on it), Red Hot Chili Pepper throwbacks . . . I was back in Orange before I knew it.
  • Robert and I have business cards for the Mill, which makes me feel very official!  And since Chloe gave me a beautiful Kate Spade business card holder when I moved back, I am really ready to whip those babies out!!
  • Next Monday marks my one month back in Orange, and my fridge is still VERY bare.  My parents and grandparents came to see me last week and they were like, “WHERE IS YOUR FOOD?”  I honestly don’t know, guys.  I have this habit of going to the grocery store once a week and only buying what I need to make the meals for that week.  When you’re cooking for one person most of the time, you just don’t buy a lot of stuff.
  • My fridge is, however, well stocked with three bottles of champagne.  You know, in case of an emergency.  Plus, I think life is more when you’re always prepared to celebrate.

So, last thing before the SNEAK PEEKS!  I need your help, dearest readers.  Robert and I’s dear friend/London tour guide is coming to the states in just a few weeks!  That’s right, MAWWWtin is coming!!  We’re working on an itinerary to show him all the cool things we can in about a week and a half.  What are you suggestions??  What is the best of the East coast that we can show him??  Comment ALL the suggestions!!

This first look — I CANNOT WITH THESE TWO!  I was crying into my camera.

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