The Weekender

Jul 3

Please tell me I'm not the only person who feels this way.  I did not Instagram myself in a one-piece bathing suit on a cleverly shaped flotation device in a body of water this weekend . . . so am I REALLY a 20-something American female?  I don't even own a one-piece OR a cleverly shaped flotation device.  I also didn't see any real life fireworks in the past week.  I don't even really LIKE fireworks.  But I did eat a lot of hot dogs and corn, and really, isn't that all that matters?  Raise your hand if you're with me!

I may not have done all the 4th of July things, but I got a LOT of moving things done in the past week, so here we go!

  • On Wednesday, MY COUCH CAME!  Guys, I can't even tell you how long I researched and shopped for my first couch.  I wanted an L-shape to fit with my little living room, a reversible sectional (so I can use it wherever I live), and microfiber.  FINALLY, I found everything I wanted on Wayfair, and I ALMOST bought it in aqua because hello, it's me.  I had to discuss all of my furniture with Liz, however, because she is a master decorator.  She said gray was better because I could have aqua accents and use it forever.  I had to agree.
  • Turns out, Robert AND my mother cringed at the thought of an aqua couch but didn't want to tell me.  They both said "Oh thank God" when I told them I decided on gray.  At least they were trying to spare my feelings haha
  • Robert, of course, forgot this entire conversation and almost had a heart attack when Wayfair delivered a gray couch.  He also texted me that it wouldn't fit and he sent it back.  This is what you get when you put your boyfriend in charge of receiving deliveries.
  • On Thursday, I had the pleasure of dress shopping at Bliss Bridal with Robert's little sister, Elizabeth.  And guess what?  SHE SAID YES to the dress!  It was pretty darn cool to be part of that with her and her mom!  :)
  • After dress shopping, we went to this sweet little restaurant, Birdie, that's in the same shopping center as Bliss.  The food was amazing, and they sell the cutest furniture, pottery, and decor.  I bought a side table that's perfect for my blue theme.  ;)
  • Huge shout out and THANK YOU to my mama who came to my new apartment on Friday and washed EVERY SINGLE new dish, knife, bowl, Pyrex container, and utensil we had gotten.  It was so fun to get everything cleaned and packed away with her.
  • OH!  And last thing that probably should have been first!  The website got a facelift on Friday!!  You may notice that the blog looks a little different.  ;)  The site looks even MORE different, so CHECK IT OUT!

So, I feel a bit like a bad American for not seeing any fireworks.  But I DID teach my nephew how to float, and I think being a good aunt is more important.  ;)

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    July 5th, 2017 at 3:51 PM

    Holler! 😉

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