The Weekender

Apr 3

I am writing this from a hotel in Raleigh, NC.  The Wedding Stationery Collective Business Retreat kicks off as you’re reading this, probably!  I’m so excited to be their event photographer along with my boo, Heather!  On Sunday, Chloe and I roadtripped down to Raleigh and got to have dinner with some of the speakers and attendees who arrived early.  I cannot WAIT!  Especially since my wedding planner BFF, Caroline, will be here with us for two days, too.  Do follow along on Instagram at @ShaleseDanielle and @weddingstationerycollective!

So, stories from the week . . .

  • I got to shoot my first THURSDAY wedding for Erica & Colby, and I loved it!  I’ve always wanted to shoot at the Inn at Willow Grove, and it did not disappoint.  Neither did Erica & Colby.  They are the cutest!!
  • Can I just brag about my accountant for a minute?  John and his team at Commonwealth Business Services have been doing my taxes since I was in college.  Saturday evening, John emailed that there were some . . . odd discrepancies in my numbers from our Fall planning session to the end of the end.  I figured out the problem, and I thought I would need to go through an entire year, manually documenting every single deposit, check, print payment, etc.  But I don’t.  Because John is a boss.  He let me know less than 24 hours later that he had it all figured out, and we were all good.
  • The issue was with 17Hats.  Basically, they were documenting all of my credit card payments twice.  I could have fixed it, but I had NO IDEA it was happening.  I’m pretty pissed that them.
  • Owning a business ain’t easy.  It certainly is not glamorous.
  • Speaking of glamorous, my girl Chloe is currently assembling invitations from our hotel room desk.  That’s right, she packed her printer to print RSVP envelopes and everything.  THAT is customer service.  She is running a business retreat for stationers and still giving her clients impeccable personal attention.  I’m off to go help her assemble, by the way, the most STUNNING geode invitations the world will ever see.  Perhaps you’ll see them on my Instagram soon.  😉

While I’m here at the retreat, it’s still a BIG week for the blog.  Stay tuned!  Here are some sneak peeks from Erica & Colby’s wedding AND Meghan & Michael’s Maymont engagement session!

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