The Weekender

Apr 24

Any weekend where I have an entire day of nowhere particular to be is my idea of a good weekend.  Currently, it’s Sunday, and my engagement session was rescheduled because of the rain.  While I hate having to reschedule, I am taking full advantage of a day of no makeup, bad hair, M&Ms, and reading.  🙂  Some editing and grocery shopping is going to happen but . . . later!

Speaking of rain, we got SO lucky at Ellen & Warren engagement session on Friday!  The clouds above Libby Hill were looking PRETTY ominous, and the thunder started just as I was starting the ring shots.  By the time I got home to the fan, it was like a tropical storm!  So much wind — I waited in my car for 20 minutes!  When there was finally a break in the rain, I grabbed my clear prop umbrella and booked it across Monument.  My fake Ked’s are still drying!!

But it was SO WORTH IT!  Wait ’til you see the sneak peeks.  But until then, more stories!

  • Saturday, I got to shoot with David for the first time in AGES!  Elizabeth & Jobby’s wedding was so fun to be a part of, and we got to share it The Herrintons!  Seriously, Ashley & Tyler were amazing to work with.  If you’re looking for a videographer, you need them.
  • The wedding had a record start time for me: 7:30AM.  But finishing by about 4:00PM is so worth it.  Robert and I got to have a Saturday night together! That is rare during wedding season!
  • And speaking of wedding season . . . I had a slow booking season at the end of 2016.  I didn’t book nearly as many Spring weddings as I had in May & June last year, and I felt pretty down about it for a while.  But I just had this feeling that God was making space in my life for something different.  Remember how I’ve said that my word for 2017 was CHANGE?  So much is changing, and I am so, so thrilled.  He REALLY knows what He’s doing.  😉
  • Guys.  My Letterfolk board comes today, and I don’t think I have ever stalked a package more.  I have checked the FedEx tracker about 5 times a day for days JUST IN CASE it came earlier.  I can’t wait to play with this thing!!
  • I’ve also been buying books like crazy because when you’re starting new projects, research must be done!  I am learning so much.
  • Also, why did it take me so long to get into Podcasts?  It started with Serial for a trip home, and I was sick of all the music on the radio.  Then it turned into S-Town because Heather was so obsessed.  Now I’ve listened to almost all of the Goal Digger Podcasts.  I feel like I’m learning so much and gaining so many different perspectives from these things.  What should I get into next??

Ok, now for some fun sneak peeks from Ellen & Warren’s shoot hitting the blog TOMORROW!

Ellen and Warren libby hill engagement photos richmond vaEllen and Warren libby hill engagement photos richmond vaEllen and Warren libby hill engagement photos richmond va

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