The Weekender

Mar 27

Hello again, blog!!  By the time you’re reading this, I’ve been back in the U.S. of A for two full days.  It has felt strange to be back.  I had to drive again after seven days in the Tube and on trains and on planes.  My Oyster card and camera are no longer permanently attached to my hands.  People are saying “y’all” all around me again, and I’m not living with my liquids in three ounce containers in a one quart Ziploc bag anymore.  I miss British accents.  It’s a little sad!

But my GOODNESS is my bed soft.  :p  And hey, I’m not patting my jacket pocket to make sure my passport is still there 54,287 times a day.  I really tend to lose things, guys.  It was a big point of worry.

Of COURSE I’ll be blogging some of my 500+ photos soon, but until then, here are some stories from the week: U.K. edition.  🙂

  • I wouldn’t feel right starting these weekly bullet points with anything but my continued thoughts and prayers for London and the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack in Westminster.  Robert and I were both touched by how many of our friends reached out to us when the news hit the U.S.  We were in Scotland at the time, but it was still, of course, disheartening and changed the atmosphere of London quite a bit as we returned for our last day in London on Thursday.
  • FLYING WAS NOT THAT BAD.  Such a relief.  Y’all wouldn’t believe the shocked looks and “NO WAY” comments I would get when I told people I haven’t flown anywhere since I was about seven years old.  I was so nervous the night before our flight that I couldn’t sit still.  I paced around my parent’s kitchen island for something like three hours.  When they announced our flight would board soon, I feel nauseous.  But I did some deep breathing during take off, watched three movies, and relaxed.  On the way back, I was barely nervous at all.  I felt like a champ.
  • We did not run into Kate Middleton, so I didn’t get a chance to hand her my resume to be her personal assistant.  James and Martin found this aspiration hilarious.
  • I “lost” one of my credit cards by the time we had checked in to our first hotel Friday night.  I went ahead and cancelled it, then found it in my confirmations/tickets envelope a few days later.  Now you know why I was worried about losing my passport.
  • There is a Say Yes to the Dress: U.K. Edition.  You guys.  It made my transition back to Virginia so much better!!

Alright, stayed tuned for more about my very first Euro adventure later this week.  If you like reading about that sort of thing and seeing lots of pictures of buildings.  :p  Until then, here are a few of my favorite iPhone shots!


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