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Jan 2

I am currently blogging from my bed on this rainy morning.  I already have a strong feeling that as much as I WANT to edit photos all day . . . it’s going to be a struggle to get back to work after a fun, relaxing, lazy New Year’s yesterday.  Whitney & David’s beaming faces, however, are PLENTY of motivation!!  Their wedding day was full of so much joy — I cannot wait to share their blog post tomorrow!!

But first: must go get coffee and a bagel.

Before THAT happens, here are the stories from last year (LOLZ!) . . .

  • Robert and I spent most of New Year’s Eve playing Stop on our phones (if you have not downloaded this game, you should!).  See, I was still recovering from a cold that lasted two weeks AND I had gotten up early to shoot Whitney & David’s brunch wedding.  We just weren’t feeling the party energy.  It may not have been the most wild New Year’s Eve we’ve ever had, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!
  • We did go downstairs to my roommates’ party for the ball drop though.  So we were somewhat festive!
  • Here’s a tip: if you break out some brand new bed sheets, wash them first.  I put my lovely new flannel sheets on my bed (new year, new sheets!), then realized they weren’t very soft yet, and they smelled like the plastic bag they came in.  Oops.
  • Speaking of new year, new things, is there ANYTHING better than breaking out your brand new 2017 planner??  My Simplified Planner is ready to go for 2017, and I already have some very fun dates written in . . .
  • . . . like one week in LONDON!  That’s right, Robert and I finally took the plunge on some plane tickets!  We agreed on no Christmas gifts because we were determined to get to Europe in 2017.  🙂  We leave early on March 17th!
  • As some of you know from Instagram, this is my very first time out of the country AND my first time on a plane as an adult.  Any travel tips or must-see spots in the U.K. are welcome in the comments!!
  • If you haven’t been on RVA’s newly completed pedestrian bridge on Brown’s Island, I 10/10 recommend it.  It’s very cool, and it feels very safe.  Plus, there are more walking trails and rock climbing walls on the other side.  Who knew??  Robert and I watched some climbers practicing yesterday, and it made me want to try!
  • Just as an FYI for dog owners, they do warn that doggy claws can get stuck in between the slats of the bridge.  People were walking dogs across, so I guess you have to make sure their nails are trimmed first!

Whew, that was a long post.  I know what you’re REALLY waiting for . . . SNEAK PEEKS!! 🙂

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