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The Weekender

Jun 20

Hello, Monday.  It’s hard to believe you’re back again.  When your weekends are full of wedding fun and Father’s Day activities, the weekend goes pretty fast.  I’m thinking of running for President so I can make weekends three days long.  I mean, if Donald Trump has taught us anything, it’s that anyone can be president if they REALLY, REALLY want it.  😉

So, before I get to a LITTLE sneak peek of Carrie & Andrew’s wedding in Orange, VA (!!!!), here are some weekend stories.

  • First, let me tell you that I’m feeling super out of sorts because we just watched 13 Hours, and it rocked my night.  It was seriously SO stressful to watch.  I think everyone needs to see it, but I need to ban myself from military movies for awhile.
  • I’m currently watching American Ninja Warrior to stop my heart palpitations.
  • Can I just mention how nice it is to have my boyfriend at a wedding I’m shooting? This weekend was the third time he’s gotten to watch me work as a guest.  There’s something really refreshing about being able to give him a big hug when I finish the most chaotic part of the day!
  • It’s also nice to have someone to hold my camera when I go to the bathroom. HAHAHA
  • Oh, I almost forgot . . . we had another tornado scare in RVA this week.  We didn’t hear sirens this time, but my desk is set up in a dormer window, and when the wind started, my entire office space SHOOK!  I screamed for Hillary and got the heck out of there.
  • We are seriously blessed because we never lost power, and I don’t think our walls even leaked this time! 😉

Now, for some quick peeks at Andrew & Carrie’s wedding.  This one is going down as one of my absolute favorites.  🙂  I love shooting for friends!!

Carrie & Andrew Orange VA wedding sneak peek_0001Carrie & Andrew Orange VA wedding sneak peek_0002

Carrie & Andrew-2


Shalese Danielle is a wedding photographer living in the heart of Richmond VA. She specializes in preserving memories for central Virginia couples who are hopelessly romantic and madly in love.

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