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Jun 9

YOU GUYSSSSSSSS.  I couldn’t be happier to be writing this blog post.  As you can see, the blog got a facelift.  A facelift that has been in the works since February.  That’s right, February.  I have never felt more stress of my blog . . . it was “on pause” for two weeks, then it was non-existent for a few days this week and that was KILLING ME.  It is so stressful when something that’s an integral part of your business and your brand is just . . . not there.  And there was nothing I could do except BEG and PLEAD with ShowIt support, ProPhoto support, and Tonic.

It’s a long story, but it was ALMOST all for nothing.  I ALMOST had to go BACK to using my Squarespace blog after waiting four months for the ShowIt migration to happen.  But Dan at ProPhoto came through in a BIG way for me on Wednesday morning. I literally got teary eyed with relief.  I was up all night stressing praying that the blog would be back in business before it was time to start blogging June weddings, and boom.  Dan’s email came through.  God is good.  And so is Dan!

So, please feel free to poke around and check out the new layout!  And if you’re curious about what’s been going since my last blog post on MAY 16th (I cannot believe that much time has passed), I’ll do a quick recap:

  • Last Friday, I went to my first Friday Cheers on Brown’s Island with Robert, Hillary, Caroline, & Mary Hamlin.  Hil and I have been PUMPED to see The Revivalists because it was Drew’s favorite band, and I was stoked when I saw that they were coming to RVA!
  • Friday Cheers happens outside on Brown’s Island, and it literally started raining when we got there and stopped when the concert ended.  It was POURING!!!  Between songs, I was wringing buckets out of my skirt and my hair.  But that cliche about some people feeling the rain and some people just getting wet is SO true.  I was with the type of people who feel the rain AND dance in it!
  • Last night, we had our June Richmond Weddings networking mixer on the roof of the Quirk Hotel, and it was magical.  Windy, but magical!  The views will make you just fall in love with Richmond over and over again.  It really is a great city.  🙂
  • You can find some Quirk views and adventures on Snapchat! Add shalese!
  • After the mixer, Chloe and I caught up in the most classy of fashions: sitting in Krispy Kreme until 10:30.
  • Oh, also at the networking mixer, we got to learn how to hula hoop from Soul Aerial!  Please see photos below haha

Richmond Wedding vendor networking event at Quirk Hotel rooftop photos_0026


Shalese Danielle is a wedding photographer living in the heart of Richmond VA. She specializes in preserving memories for central Virginia couples who are hopelessly romantic and madly in love.

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  1. Chloe

    June 9th, 2016 at 3:36 PM


  2. Shalese Danielle

    June 9th, 2016 at 7:05 PM

    Still working out kinks, but we’ll get there!! 🙂 LOVE YOU.

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