The Weekender

May 16

You guuyyyyyyssss.  This was one of those weekends that I wish could happen EVERY weekend.  Or at least one weekend a month.  Shoot, I would even settle for every other month!  Saturday morning, my friends Lea and Chelsea and I headed down to Denver, North Carolina for our best friend, Shea’s, baby shower!!!

We were all PUMPED because . . . we had not seen Shea in over three years.  Absurd, I know.  We are what Lea called “low maintenance friends.”  We don’t see each other very often at all, and we all hate talking on the phone, but when we DO get together . . . it’s like nothing has changed.  But then again, so much in all of our lives has.  It was SOUL REFRESHING to be with all of them again.

So, the road trip adventures!

  • In Statesville, NC, we stopped for gas at a station with a separate bathroom building that I was too afraid to enter.  Lea, however, was brave and made it out alive.
  • Warning: When you tell Amazon Prime to wrap your gifts for you, they actually come in Harry Potter-esque sacks.  Chelsea AND Shea’s two brothers tried this method of wrapping.  These sacks aren’t the cutest, but they are pretty fun to climb inside.
  • I got really excited to see that there was a Chick-fil-a in front of our hotel but quickly realized that the next day was Sunday, and there would be no chicken minis for breakfast.  CUE HEARTBREAK.
  • Even though we don’t see each other often, Lea and I’s minds still work in oddly similar ways.  We filled out our “Wishes for baby Noah” cards with some of the exact same answers like “I hope you ignore . . . the haters” and almost “I hope you grow . . . like a beanstalk.”
  • There is nothing quite like seeing how much your college friends have grown up and changed.  Shea is married with a baby on the way, Lea reads before bed (I still find this so cute, and I’m so jealous because I still can’t break my Netflix before bed habit), and Chelsea owns her own home.  On our road trip, we talked about HGTV and who manages our 401Ks.  I’m a little in awe, and I’m so, so proud of us.  🙂
  • But MAN did our college years give us some fun stories to reminisce about when we reunite. 😉

Even though these are not so great cell phone photos, they are my new favorites ever.  😀  Thank you SO much to the Patricks for having us all at your house!!  It was the perfect shower!

Shalese Danielle is a wedding photographer living in the heart of Richmond VA. She specializes in preserving memories for central Virginia couples who are hopelessly romantic and madly in love.

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