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  • I'm Shalese, and I'm a wedding photographer for old souls & hopeless romantics. I prefer vinyl records over iTunes, prints over JPEGs and snail mail over email. I believe that art happens in little moments, and I can't wait to tell your story.

Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Nashville Visit

What can I say about Nashville other than . . . ya gotta go!  It’s such an electric

The Weekender

We are back from Nashville!  All I can say is . . . I LOVE THAT CITY!!  It was definitely

Lindsay & Robby’s Richmond VA Vineyard Wedding

I had been waiting ever so impatiently for Lindsay & Robby’s since I fell in love with

A September Update

I have been a bad, bad blogger lately.  You know how you can have these great intentions to

The Weekender

It is Monday, and I have to say, I am SO ready for the week ahead!  I have myself on a tight

The Weekender

Well well well, looks like the 3-day weekend threw off SOMEONE’S blog schedule!  Is