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The Weekender

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WHERE did June go?!  How is Wednesday the start of July?!  Crazy, crazy.  June is like an abyss for wedding vendors.  It just sucks you in and before you know it, it’s time to get ready for 4th of July picnics.  At least I hope there are picnics in my future this coming weekend. But, […]


My Favorite Editing Marathon Movies

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If there’s one thing you’ll hear alllllllll photographers talking about, it’s EDITING DAYS.  There are even mugs for editing days now, just to make us Lightroom fiends feel a little better about life.  Editing hundreds and hundreds of photos is not the most tedious task in owning a photography business (that would be taxes. gah), but […]


Amanda & Stephan’s Vintage Glamour Main Street Station Wedding

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Blogging on a Tuesday?!  That’s how excited I have been to share this wedding!  I cannot imagine my wedding season starting any better than it did with Amanda and Stephan tying the knot at Main Street Station in downtown Richmond. The thing about these two is . . . the love they have for each […]


The Weekender

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Today is a very special day: It’s my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary!! How crazy is that? I’m always so impressed by them. Thirty years is such a huge milestone.  Many moons ago, they started talking while playing on CB radios. My mom snuck off to the mall with her friends to meet this older boy from another town, and […]


The Few Who Choose

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I mentioned in last Friday’s blog that I would be talking more about Jordan and Amy’s Come Together talk.  They shared so many great stories about how ONE little connection made via social media actually turned thousands of dollars of income.  I will forever remember, “My second favorite color is yellow!”  If you want to […]



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